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  1. Gideon's girl posted this website For heartworm, Ivomec sheep drench. http://www.dogaware....l#08sheepdrench
  2. Anyone have a source for the 0.08% sheep drench ivermectin
  3. From what I am reading ivermectin is only problematic in dogs with the MDR1 gene mutation in high dosages, for example when treating mange, or other parasites. The way I am understanding this is if you are using ivermectin to prevent Heartworm (thus using a relatively small dose) it is safe even for dogs with the MDR1 gene mutation. It sounds like ivermectin is the active ingredient in a lot of the Heartworm prevention solutions, so If you have ever used Heartgard etc. then your dog has ben given ivermectin. The web site above posted a good chart on how to dilute ivermectin so over dosage i
  4. Hey what is the cheapest way to guard against fleas and heartworm. I was using trifexis but it is expensive and money is tight right now Thank you
  5. I have had GSDs in the past. Their lineage was from Germany so they where a different then the American German Shepherds you see at the park. For the most part they where hard, driven, focused, dogs. When I started looking for a Border Collie I got the same comments, "you have no idea what you are getting yourself into". It made me a little nervous, now I am very glad I did not listen to these people. My Border Collie does not need any more mental stimuli or exercise then my GSDs did. If you have had working dogs you probably know what you are getting in to. By the way not all Bor
  6. Dexter has a mystery limp that shows up now and then. The ex-rays do not show anything obvious and my regular vet seems stumped. Does anyone know a vet in the Atlanta area the specializes in sports dogs. Thank you very much Thanks
  7. So the big round knuckle beef bones are not as bad as the beef leg bones? That's mostly what I get. Are beef neck bones OK Where do you get your bones?
  8. I give Dexter raw soup bones everyday. My vet recently told me because she sees a lot of broken teeth she does not recommend raw bones for dogs. What do you all think about this? Thanks
  9. Picking Dexter was nerve racking. I new I was not going to have a pack of dogs to train and compete with, so the dog i picked had to be the right one. Also I had read how Border Collies can be a little soft, and did not think my personality would blend well with a soft dog. The breeder sent weekly updates, observations and video taped the puppy personality test. Before I went to pick up the pup I had a good idea witch dog I wanted. When the day came to pick the pup, I walked in to the pen with a large pull toy, Dexter was the first pup (out of 8) to run up to the toy, clamp down and hang on fo
  10. I know there is a lot of Concerned about over-vaccination, witch I know nothing about so here is my question. Dexter's annual checkup and shots are due. Last time he was in he got a three year rabies along with DA2PP, Laptospira, and Bordetella shots. besides the rabies, do these all need to be updated annually?
  11. Thanks everyone! it was a lot of fun. I can tell you that I was more then a little nervous leading up to the run. If it had not been poring rain a friend would have video it. I can hardly remember what happened I was so Hyperfocus on the moment. Emily it was good to meet you also
  12. Dexter got Second place at his first sheep herding competition today . The trial was at the Lazy J Farm in Carnesville, Georgia. It pored all morning but by the after noon the weather was perfect
  13. When Dexter was a pup raw bones gave him the runs. As he got older and got use to eating the bones regularly they do not bother him anymore
  14. You are all correct. I lost a dog three years ago. It was one of the saddest days of my life. Having two senior dogs at the same time would be bad but losing them both at the same time would be devastating. Putting off getting a pup for a couple of years makes a lot of sense. Thanks for all your replies.
  15. Oko, you know it was your cute photos, your excitement and your experience picking up your pup that got me thinking it might be time for me to get a new one. Please keep posting stories about how awful it is to have a puppy in the house. Maybe you could post some photos of something he has chewed up, that would help a lot. Thanks
  16. I know there is probably no real way of answering this question but here goes. I have a two year old Border Collie. We have been taking sheep herding lessens and he is doing very well. He is now just starting to settle down a little and is turning into a very good dog. I was thinking this might be a good time to get a new Border Collie pup. Is there a rule of thumb about what age to introduce a new dog to the pack? Dexter (an intact male) is a little head strong and dominate. He has also had me for his very own all his life. I am a little worried about bringing a pup into the hous
  17. Thanks, now I what a new pup. Dexter's two maybe it is a good time to start looking
  18. Thanks for the tips and yes I had figured that one out already . I guess i will practice in the car
  19. I just got my first sheep herding whistle any suggestions on how to use it? I had a feeling it was not going to be easy, but the nails on a chalkboard sound I am getting is driving my dog crazy.
  20. Thanks for the info. Dexter is doing great. His fetch is coming along and he has always had a good natural out run. I wished i lived closer so we could practice more them once a week. Thanks again
  21. I have been doing a little sheep herding and it seems to be hard on my dogs paws. If I am not careful they end up being pink and tender. Do products like PAD-TOUGH work? Thanks
  22. I left Dexter at Dawn Boyce's for a week. Dawn owns Dexter's father and has a sheep farm in N. GA. Yes, it was a long week without him around the house. I am interested in participating in sheep herding trials and wanted to build some foundation work on him before we started training in ernest. Dexter's a little over a year and a half old but up until now, he has only been on sheep 4 or 5 times. In the past he mostly just ran out of control. This is a big improvement. This is not bad for 5 days of training http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NKyPNu0Ty4&feature=youtu.be
  23. Thanks Dexter is fast. That is the problem I am almost always behind.
  24. Not bad . Click on the image it should run a short video
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