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For anyone interested...on Saturday, Jan. 14th, 5 p.m. EST on NBC, this year's finals of the PIDC will air. Includes dock diving, jack russel hurdle racing (oh my), disc dogs (I still can't watch most of this...), agility and the 30 weave pole challenge. My sweet boy Bracken was 2nd in agility, behind the most amazing Jill (just 2 yr old!). If they air the entire weave pole challenge...well, they wanted entertainment, and boy did we provide that! He'd done it 4 or 5 times in California at the regional, and did great; but this time....Jill was just a tad too much of a distraction!! LOL!


Anyway, if you're not outside having fun that afternoon, do tune in!



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I had no idea this was on until later this afternoon, when I quickly set my DVR. I just started watching the tape of this when I saw you and Braken. I thought to myself, hmmmm, that name sounds familiar. So I had to pause and look on here, and lo and behold! You guys were amazing!!! I'm always in awe of people who do this.

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