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Troy earn his last open standard leg for his title. But I think I am keeping him in open till he is ready to advance. Am trying to work on his jump style. It appear when he stresses he jumps awful. So need to help build his confidence at trials. Also at time I felt like we lost our connection on the course but he did really good for a green dog.


The last time he trial was in april. So he did wonderful considering!


On a sidenote It seems the thunder shirts helps him a little.

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Congrats, Troy!




This is just me ruminating, but: I have heard several people express an opinion that Open is (often) just as hard as an Excellent course.


I was wondering what others thought.




I'm about to make the leap from novice to open. I've been told that it's a much greater step than the step from open to elite, but I imagine that's dependent on venue. I compete in NADAC.

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I know it generally seem as if excellent is more flowing and smooth vs open.


Open seems more relaxed. There is less dogs. Less people. Less obstacle. Not as exciting or intense. And they are more forgiving of baby dog mistakes.


I want to see if I can get troy more focus on the job at hand and less stress-y.

also I don't believe we actually had a perfect run yet. Sadly there is always 1 refusal. He likes to run around at least 1 jump?!


In the last 2 years he maybe trial 3x. With 6-9month between each trial. We had stop showing because how stressed and worked up he would get.


The other thing I am hoping for is to increase his confidence at shows.

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Congratulations! I just read this belatedly...Good to hear about his Open Title! I think the most important part is Troy having full confidence and you are doing such a good job with him. And taking things at his development pace. That shows great maturity and thought that most of us don't have. We typically over-push....! Congrats again! :D

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