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Hi all!

After several months of grieving and deeply considering if the joy of having a dog was worth the pain of loosing it, we finally decided to get a new border. Well, I'd say life decided for us.

Rita was born the same week Francisca died, so she is 4 months old now, and she has been with us for the last month. I must say I'm totally in love now.

She is an active, quite smart, lovely pup that learns amazingly fast! we just started training her on the basics, as we wanted her first to get used to us and our home. She already masters Sit,Lie down, Stay and Come. Still working on her don't-chew-up-the-rug but she is doing just fine. :P

Soon I have to schedule her spay. When is the best moment to do it? shall I wait for her first heat?

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BEAUTIFUL pup!!!! My vet said between 4-6 months for our puppies to be spayed/neutered. I had my girl spayed right at 4 months and she went through a leggy growth spurt, which the vet said was normal because she was still a little young, our vet prefers closer to 6 months. I would ask your vet..also, friendsofanimals.org has low cost spay/neuter certificates ($65 neuter and $90 spay certificates) you should check that out if you are interested to see if your vet takes them. I have used them with our other dogs but our BC's are on a health plan that included the spay/neuterd in it.

Your pup is just beautiful, I am so hooked on BC's now after I got my first...


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She's meant to be a pet, but we also plan to train her on basic agility, just as hobby. She will for sure do a lot of trekking with us.

With Francisca we waited for more than a year, but I've read the sooner the better.

Thanks for all your comments! I'm really happy to be back :)

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