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Solacing grief

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Dear Border Collie friends,


Slick died two years ago at four years old of acute kidney failure. Slick was close to Anne's and my heart and his photo hangs over our kitchen table.


This morning, 6:30, before I went out for chores, I opened an envelope of odds and ends a neighbor had sent and found a child's handmade booklet. When Slick's litter was born, Emma had been at that age when little girls get fascinated with birth and infancy and she'd followed the progress of June's pregnancy with great interest and the tiny pups fascinated her = especially Slick who we kept alive on a bottle.


Anyway, she'd made this little booklet with stick drawings and the first page asked, "Where is SLick?"




Numbly, I did chores and, as per usual, back at the house the dogs rivaled each other trying to stay out last so maybe they'd get to work today. Luke retired last year with a bad heart. He rarely gets work but this morning, Luke rounded up the flock nicely and was quite proud of himself. Peg, who is useless on sheep chased them until the guard dogs complained. Peg came back wagging. June backed Peg up and regathered.Fly worked last - she gets most of the work these days - and we shed off a few so Fly could stop their escapes back to the others. Big fun.


We all have losses. Working all the dogs solaced mine. Something like may solace yours.


Donald McCaig

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Thank you, Donald, again for a nicely written bit of insight.


I know that I don't find solace in sitting and thinking about loss. Getting involved in working a dog tends to drive the grief back into a quiet, dark spot where it can rest a bit more easily.


Your commentary was a good reminder to get myself going and doing.

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Those moments when a loss or losses rises up in your heart are painful, but oh so important. We need to be reminded of those who have moved on, so that we can go about the day a little sadder and a little happier, all mixed together.


Warren Zevon wrote, in one of his last songs, "Keep me in your heart for a while." The heart gets a little nudge, some help to remember all the wonderful things we've had in this life.


Thanks for your insight. Grief reminds us that life is fleeting and needs tending.



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Oh Sheepdogging geezer!




I am sorry.




I have only my old Pop's words to offer




"Where they go.....down into the grass...the meadows breath and sunrise.

And Sister.....we follow them."

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We said the final goodbye to our foster Josie last night. Such a good girl. I will miss her and love her always. This moring when I woke up I let the dogs out, fed them and did our usual morning routine. Then I gathered up the temporary foster puppy (that just won't leave) and headed off to a puppy class. And I took joy and solace in watching her enjoy her morning. It made the hurt just a little easier to bear.

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