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Dave is missing on Vacation in Gulf Port, FL

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Dave my moms Escape Artist/House damaging/Never leave me home alone Edlerly Border collie is missing in Gulf Port Fl. One second he was with my mom and the next he was nowhere to be found. He is the master of this but, hasnt run in at least 18 months.


Someone called a shelter 30 mins from moms house saying they found a dog fitting his description but, after drving to that shelter 2 x he hasnt been turned in yet.(I think the shelter is Largo??) They have no number or address on the caller.


Dave is hypothyroid and on meds he also is Hard of hearing and has some dementia So if the people hope to keep him it will be terrible. He's taken Doors off my parents house in Thunder storms.


Please My Florida Friends Keep your eyes and ears open. He needs to get back to my mom and his comfort Dog Kim. Moms Cell is 570 510 4644 if you hear anything.



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Sending lots of "go home mojo" to Dave. I've lived through an elderly dog running away when she never did before. I did find her, two days later and 20 km from where she started. Not bad for an old dog of 12-13 years!

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