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Do people really think that driving 45 mph through a flock is a good idea? Thankfully no dogs, sheep or goats were harmed, but it was a very close call for a pregnant doe that Frankie managed to turn at the last second! What is wrong with them!?!?!?! Is there no common sense left in the world?

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Well, very little sense of any kind, so common doesn't even come into it.


I think for many it's not about sense. It's about don't give a damn.


Not my goats...,


Goats are stupid.


Or even,


If it's smart it'll get out of the way, if not it deserves to die.


Why did someone intentionally run down my neighbor's two cats? (I saw one, she saw the other)


I'm so glad the livestock and dogs are OK. Must be scary to have to move livestock across/ along roads frequented by cars. :rolleyes:

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Then again: did you see the sheep that walked into the climb of one of the steepest mountains in the Tour de France - just as the peleton came through?


No sheep and, thank doG, no cyclists were hurt.


The cyclists dodged the sheep. The sheep didn't give a flying you-know-what. They even stopped to look at the cameras!

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I think a lot of people are so removed from their food and the farm, they have no clue.

I agree. There's a cattle farmer just up the road from us. The little town he lives next to decided to condemn a prime section of his farm he's farmed for 60 yrs so they can install a sewer line. I'm sorry but that town sickens me.


Sorry for going OT.

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