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A good friend of mine is going through a very rough time with her young rescue bc West. He is suffering from an unknown type of illness, vets do not know what he has. All the lymphs in his body are enlarged, his temp can only be be kept down by antibiotics, he has fluid in his chest as well as adhesions. A large but benign growth was removed from his neck near a lymph, cancer has been ruled out. He is still trying to eat but has a very hard time chewing/swollowing. Right now he is with an internist at Penn State Vet Hosp in Philadelphia. Evidently they are leaning toward one of two things either a tick born disease that is transmitted by a preditor eating wild rabbits that are effected by the disease and can be only detected during a Necropsy or a cross over of a primarily equine disease...I dont know how to spell it but it begins with an E. Cases were found in New York State and treated successfully. This is her young up and coming rescue agility dog who has had enough adventures for a life time. Earlier this year we thought he was gone for good when he escaped from her daughters fenced yard and was missing for 5 days. He managed to cross several high volume roads with out injury and made it back to the daughters house with only a large cut above his eye and minor lameness. All of which he is well recovered from. So please if you know any prayers please say them for West

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I have rabbits, and was not aware that

E-cunniculi could be passed from one speices to another. I actually remember asking my bunny vet about it, and I seem to remember she said there is no proof that dogs can pick it up from rabbits (I could be wrong). I have a bunny with e cunniculi and my oldest dog, Mirra, now and then manages to find a poop pellet so I was concerned. My bunny is currently asymptomatic thank goodness, but was diagnosed with it about 2 yrs ago.

(((hugs and prayers))) to West and family

Get well little one!

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