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(BC in News Article) Thought this was kind of strange.

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BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio - A 75-year-old northeast Ohio woman is recovering from injuries she received this week when a deer got into her home and attacked her.


Mary Blake of suburban Cleveland opened her patio door Wednesday to let her border collie back inside and was shocked when a female deer followed close behind.


Blake says she tried to shut the door, but the deer knocked it off track and then knocked into Blake and started stomping her.


Blake frantically called police as the deer damaged her walls, furniture and some keepsakes.


Two police officers arrived and were able to coax the deer outside.


Blake was treated at the hospital for bruises and cuts on her arms, legs and stomach. She has 27 stitches on her right knee.

The article doesn't mention if the dog interacted in any way. I would think that the BC would try to get involved in pushing out the deer...
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Well, one of two things. The woman is 75yrs old. So maybe she is not as active as she needs to be for the Border Collie and the BC was thinking, heh heh, that deer I herded in here ought to get you moving granny! Or, the woman is 75yrs old and her BC is like 15 and the BC was thinking, hey granny, I don't get medicade. You're on your own! :rolleyes:

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I'm with Dixie-Girl.


Of couse, if a deer came into our house, Fergie would go right into a "sit". That's what we've taught her to do when we see deer in the yard, in the field, or on a hike.


Be careful what you teach (whether to kids or bcs).

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This will give you a bit more info.


It 'sounds' as if Buddy 'may have' suprised a doe and her fawn when let out. I can imagine this result from the Doe charging and finding herself trapped inside with a dog and human in protective mode.



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Strange article. I find it odd that they didn't mention what happend to the dog after in the beggining saying "let her border collie back inside and was shocked when a female deer followed close behind." You would think they would go into the dog a bit more!


I was on a hike with Duchess (BC mix) and she went off into the woods and started barking. We called her back and she came running - a deer charging behind her. I thought the thing was going to trample her! Deer can be pretty scary if they are scared themselves!

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I live in the area and saw this on the news. The dog is a bc cross, not purebred. It was also on the fat side.


The poor old lady looked awful though, black and blue---she looked like parts of her were dented.


Deer are all we used to have to contend with, but now displaced black bears are making their way over from PA and showing up in people's yards.


Although this wasn't a migrant bear, a couple of weeks before the deer and old lady incident, a black bear escaped from his enclosure (owner raised wild animals for hunting) and broke into a woman's home and mauled her. The family beagle helped to drive it off, but not until it had done a lot of damage. The sheriff came and shot it.


Developments cropping up all over the place and people actually wonder why these encounters with wildlife.

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Wow, quite the story. Tango would have made sure that deer left the house and in a hurry. Hondo.. he would just look at me as if to ask.. "Uh mom, this doesn't look like a cow, what do I do?" lol . I'm not sure what 4 month old Riata would do, probably think it is a new playmate.




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