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Papillion / Border Collie mix Question

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Hi all! I'm currently looking for a dog to adopt to fit my life style and happened to stumble across a Border Collie/Pappillion mix. When I researched the papillion, it stated that papillion's were great dogs for apartments or city life and did not need an excess amount of excercise but Border Collie's on the otherhand prove the exact oppposite. On the adoption page for the dog, the shelter says that this dog is good for inexperienced caregivers. Being new to Border Collie's and dogs in general, I was wondering if this would be the right dog for a family that is averagely busy and does not have a large yard.


Here's the Papillion/Border Collie mix


P.S.: I will be moving to an apartment in a couple of years, but currently live in a single family home.

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I think the BC/pap tag is the shelter doing their best to identify what mix this dog might be, so I wouldn't go with trying to speculate on this individual dog's adaptability based on this.


I would just go on a one to one basis and see if you think this dog might be the right fit for your based on your lifestyle and what the shelter knows of this dog.


She certainly is cute and I've had purebred border collies who look like her. The key to successful ownership of a border collie is not the size of the property that the dog can run in, it's how committed you are to providing what the dog needs. For some dogs, that commitment might be more than for others. That being said, my daughter lives in Manhattan, where I have seen several purebred border collies living the life of a city dog.


Welome to the boards.

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How awful that she was found in a dumpster!! I'm so glad to hear she was rescued.


She looks like a sweety!


And yes I think she does have the border look to her.

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Oh my goodness -- what an adorable little dog.


Kudos for doing your research and thinking of the right questions to ask! If more people did what you are doing now, less people would end up with dogs they feel like they have to give up later.


I agree with Vicki. I would take the breed/mix ID with a grain of salt. This dog may be neither Papillon nor Border Collie, as they don't really have her history and her looks are inconclusive (for what it's worth, Papillons usually have much more white on them). It would probably be better to evaluate this dog as an individual and go with the shelter's evaluation of her personality and energy level.


I have a Papillon and two Border Collies. My Papillon may be strange, and this may be why two homes dumped him before I got him, but he needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation for a little dog. This can be met easily with a few walks a day and some indoor play, but he definitely appreciates more than this. However, other Papillons I have met are much more mellow than Skeeter. Border Collies are doable in a city apartment (I've only ever lived with mine in apartments without yards), but it takes some concerted effort and application to manage. It helps if you're an obsessed dog person and like to do dog things in most of your spare time.


If I were you I'd go meet this dog, talk to the shelter staff about your lifestyle and what you think you're looking for in a dog, and make your decision from there. I will say that going by their description, she sounds like a good choice for you.


Good luck!

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