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Nutro Dog Food - food warning just came out.

Tommy Coyote

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I used to feed Nutro to Alex. Then we started to hear some bad things about it (couple years ago or so). The clincher was she began to refuse it. We switched her Innova. She now eats Innova mixed with TOTW for breakfast and has raw for dinner.


Innova is available in Singapore. Go to Natura's web site and it will tell you where.


Esox & Alex

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FWIW, here is an email I just received from them.


NUTRO® FDA Investigation Claims by ConsumerAffairs.com



April 23, 2009

On April 20, ConsumerAffairs.com posted a story claiming that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has an ongoing investigation into NUTRO® pet food. This is not true. We have confirmed with the FDA's division responsible for regulating pet food, the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), that there is no current or ongoing investigation of Nutro Products, Inc.

We want to assure you and all those who feed NUTRO® products to their pets that our products are safe and conform to the standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S Department of Agriculture and the Association of American Feed Control Officials. All NUTRO® products undergo rigorous quality assurance testing beginning with raw ingredients and ending with testing finished products. This includes testing to confirm that no melamine, mold toxins, or pathogenic bacteria are detected in any NUTRO® pet foods.

While consumer concerns about NUTRO® product quality are rare, we take every complaint seriously. When we learn of an issue, we work with consumers to obtain information and request that samples of any product in question be submitted for testing at an independent facility. An in-depth review is performed to determine if an issue does exist. Consumers with questions or concerns about NUTRO® products are encouraged to contact our Consumer Services Department at 1-800-833-5330.

Nutro Products, Inc. remains committed to the quality, safety and performance of all our pet food brands. As we have for over 80 years, we strive to deliver the finest natural products to our customers and their pets.


This email was sent by: Avala Marketing Group

1078 Headquarters Park Drive Fenton, MO 63026 USA

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I just went back out on Consumer Affairs.com and they are sticking by their story. They say that they have received many complaints from consumers about dogs getting sick. You can read their reply to Nutro.


Have you looked at the ingredients in Nutro Max? Its all grain. Corn and wheat. Down the list a ways is some lamb meal.

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I've fed Nutro Natural Choice large breed formula (dry) for years (at least 7) without any problems whatsoever. I've heard concerns raised from time to time but any time I looked into it there was never any evidence to say that any pet illnesses were definitely linked to the food. (other than during that huge recall when some of their wet foods were affected) I think with so many recent concerns about food safety we're going to see a lot of situations where someone reads about a possible problem, then their dog vomits and they say "OMG! I feed that brand, it must be the food!" (while in the meantime the dog may have just ate piles of grass or something). I've fed it for so long and my dogs have done fantastic on it so I'm not convinced.


Tommy Coyote - I haven't looked into the Max ingredients, but the Natural Choice chicken & rice has chicken meal as it's first ingredient and so does the Natural Choice high energy, plus it has lamb meal further down the list.


All that being said, I just switched foods because of cost. I was paying $52.99 for a 17kg bag of Nutro Natural Choice large breed adult chicken & rice, and $59.99 for the high energy. I've now been getting the Kirkland Signature chicken, rice and vegetable from Costco for $29.99 for an 18kg bag. I've read so many discussions about the Kirkland food recently and everyone seems to be in agreement that for the price it's a good food so I decided to give it a try. The dogs like it and everyone seems to be doing well on it. It's a bit early to say too much, I've only recently switched them but so far they still have the same energy levels and beautiful luxurious and glossy coats and no change in the stools except the colour.

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