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  1. Thank you, I just need to be around him during the day. I will also need to re-train my husband who admittedly has given up. Charley tests the rules a lot, this needs to be one of the things that absolutely has no "give".
  2. Charley has been obsessing about one of my indoor cats. She is not the brightest and doesn't do anything to move him out of her personal space. When she is not around he will stare at her sister, as they look very much alike but she will correct him with her claws and he goes off to his crate or another safe space. We can say "wrong cat Charley" and he will leave the sister alone, it doesn't work for the other one. We spent a lot of time redirecting him when this started but it had no impact. I am retiring in a couple months and will have the time to invest in hopefully correcting this behavior. Thank you
  3. I am lucky, Charley rarely mats, but I tried the trick I use on my Great Pyr/GSD - I work coconut oil (food grade) into the hair and it de-tangles the not so bad stuff so that it will brush out without pulling as much. It smells good too, you just have to wipe as much as you can out of their fur or you will have slippery floors and sticky carpets.
  4. It took forever for Charley to learn to bring the ball to me and then let go. He would drop it 10 feet away and then grab for it if I walked over. I would sit down and tap the ground next to me, and wait. If it didn't come to within a reasonable distance to me it didn't get thrown. I didn't take it out of his mouth, he had to play the game nicely or we didn't play. He still has some quirky habits that I will never understand. We will play catch with a toy in the house and then he will drop it in my husband's lap across the couch and look at me to throw it for him. If my husband throws it, he will bring me a different toy to throw. I think it is like Calvinball, Charley has his own set of rules and he isn't sharing.
  5. Glen Highland Farm Border Collie rescue in Morris NY, I don't know what they currently have, but you can ask.
  6. I have a Great Pyr/GSD cross. When we first got her she smelled awful. Bathing didn't take care of the smell for more than a couple days. When the dogfood we were feeding got recalled, we switched brands a number of times because we apparently made bad choices as in more recalls. We switched to Canindae and along with a fabulous coat, the awful doggy odor was gone. Now that she is 14 she smells a little more than before, but that is because we don't bathe her as frequently due to issues with her being able to stand in the tub long enough to get washed. Just suggesting a possible cause of the odor.
  7. Buster, our first BC was a very gentle soul, even when he was afraid, he never bit. Charley is a rescue that came with extra baggage. He is reactive at the vet's office, we give him tramadol before he goes. We don't allow him near children after the first time he snapped, and we monitor him with the house cats, he becomes overly focused at times.
  8. Charley doesn't do anything but shake them and play catch with them. Our first Border Collie Buster, desqueakerd toys in under 5 minutes, then pulled out the stuffing so I would have never spent the money on nice toys either.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2086244108161482&id=913290282123543 and then there are the dog's owners https://fox56.com/news/local/dushore-dog-rescued-from-creek-after-going-missing-for-days
  10. GoDog Purple dinosaurs - he is on his 4th in 5 years. The green one in the same shape is not nearly as much fun.
  11. My Great Pyr/GSD had a high number, my vet told me that I could switch her to an Rx diet that was quite pricey, but the other option was to feed a high quality protein food. I was already feeding Canidae,which the vet said was a good choice, so I opted to stick with it. The only change was we started giving her a low dose of Dermaxx - she was getting UTIs frequently and the vet said she has some arthritis and was unable to "assume the position" long enough to empty her bladder. Her follow up tests have been normal.
  12. I use yoga mats to keep doggie toenails out of the upholstery and you don't have worry about muddy feet soaking through the towels.
  13. I am allergic to peanuts, so I use sunflower butter - not a lot since it is so high in calories
  14. I wanted to update you after our first vet's office flyby. We got to the vets and Charley was so wound up he wouldn't take a piece of hot dog. I decided it couldn't be any worse, so we got out, walked around and offered him another treat which he ignored. We walked in the front door, through the waiting room and out the exit and back into the car. Treats were offered and taken, it was a very positive outcome. We got home, had more treats and we played chuckit - Charley's favorite game. We are limited to Saturday mornings at this time due to my work schedule and the vet's hours, but this is going to be a Saturday morning activity for the foreseeable future. At some point we will sit in the office for a bit and continue from there. Thank you all for the good advice, I will update when we have more good news.
  15. There are only 2 awful things that can happen to Charley, you can touch his feet or his mouth. He is not crazy about people who sound old either,but he just pees when they talk to him. He was a rescue, so there is no one to ask. When we went to get him from the rescue we were first told don't look at him, don't try to touch him. We really haven't had an issue if we let him meet people on his own terms rather than letting people approach him. Talked to the folks at the vet's office and he would not be the first to be brought by to desensitize him to the office. I am glad they are willing to work with us.
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