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Hi I know some of you been wondering what happen to Ghost the border collie that bit Autumn.

Here are some links to a post from his new owner. BYW his new name is Credit.


This was just posted Wednesday:



And an older post:



For the people who didn't know this is Ghost's Story:



For those curious if Autumn, his previous owner, is coming back I don't think she will be.




ps If this is inappropriate I can take it down or have it taken down.

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For those curious if Autumn, his owner, is coming back I don't think she will be.



I just read all three pages of the first post about how well Ghost (renamed Credit) is doing with his new owner, and cute pictures of him, and Autumn's reaction: defensive, pissy, and logorrheic (not even sure that's a word, but she goes on, and on, and on....).


Now no one else has to!!

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Y'know, I read her post here when Ghost bit her...if you compare that post to the 'update' posted on this thread, there was a LOT of info she edited out of her original 'Ghost Bit Me' thread...for instance--she pinned the dog, and THEN he bit her? But supposedly, he 'attacked' her before that...Just reading that much discredits her in my opinion. Ghost is in such a better place now, it sounds...


Also, the bite wounds she was displaying...I'm sorry, but I've seen much, much worse. One appeared to be a puncture, the other a scratch, and personally neither would have been severe enough to cause me to give up on any of my dogs. I've suffered much worse at the mercy of dogs I see on a regular basis as a vet tech. Owning dogs--like owning snakes, in my opinion--you're going to have to accept the possibility that you might be bitten one day. Dogs are unpredictable. I'm a firm believer that any dog will bite given the proper stimulation.


I'm very glad to see Ghost is in a much more stable environment.

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I was the one willing to take Ghost, but fell unsure about all the paperwork and etc... that followed. I didn't think that the dog would be much of a problem, just needed some intensive care, which I have dealt with before. But signing so many papers worried me. So, I reclined. Plus the drive........in case he did not work out, worried me. I'm glad he is safe and secure.

I'm sure it's just a young woman having a border collie. Nothing more than that. I know she did the best she could for the dog, but we all know that years of experience let us know that we should continue to research the breed and be responsible, which I think Autumn was giving up the dog. She LOVED that dog. Let's remember that.


So, on to a better home. Another one placed. We all do what we think is best for our dogs.

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I'm leaving this here because I think a lot of people would be interested in an update on how the dog is doing, but I guess I'll never understand the point of bashing the owner. For all we know, she loved the dog, tried her best, made some mistakes, and dealt with the resulting situation in the best way she could have.

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