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OT: cross your fingers for me!!

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After the best day that I have had in a LONG time, spent away from the SO, I have decided to take the plunge, and move away from him. I have "applied" to move in with a friend of my moms in a house that I mentioned in a eailer post. and if she is ok with the two dogs I will be moving a small ways from where I live now!!!

This will be an chance to start over and find out who I really am. I am nervous about being "on my own" but I am so excited about the fact that I will Finally get the chance to find out who I am.

PLUS the bonus of $400 rent including all utilities!!



Please keep us in your prayers and cross your fingers!

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Aw!! You are in my prayers!! I know its scary but exciting at the same time. I lived with my parents in Missouri till I was 22. I moved clear to Idaho (!) for a new start. Within a year I was married!! I dont regret it for a minute!! I hope everything is great for you!!!


I just realized you live in OR where about is that from the Idaho border?

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Smileyzookie ~ I am right next to Portland. so not so close to the Idaho border? its a little bit of a drive.


I have an update though.

I have told the SO. and he has freaked out like I thoguht he would and is moving out. AND our current roommate is moving out now as well. which means that I have to find some way to afford this appartment or pay all the fees to break the lease then move....

I just got hosed. and all my money goes towards bills and his money goes towards food and gas and everthing else. I payed al the bills and he now won't give me any money to buy gas dog food, food for me...


but once this month is over I hope that it all turns out better.

thank you for your words!

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Hey maybe we'll have to get together this summer! My best friend and her bf and my hubby and I are goin to San Francisco, CA then Shasta Lake, then Crater Lake. Crater Lake isnt a huge ways away. Maybe we can get together. We always travel with Rivendell. That would be cool


I still want to meet a ton of people from the board lol. Jodi is only an hour from me and I still havent met her lol

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WHOO hoo!!

I won't have as mcuh access to a coumputer for a bit... :rolleyes:

but as soon as I get one up and running for my self I will be back!

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