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Oh dear, what am I doing??

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Hi all

sorry not been here for ages

Ben is doing great, just about to enter his 1st agility comp this month - eeekkk


But our agility club raises money to save dogs in Irish dog pounds

and a little face just called out to me!!




I offered that if she didnt get a home to go to then I would foster her

and they managed to pull her in time and she is on her way over here - poss monday or tuesday

she is young - about 6 months old - and v timid, that is about all the info I have on her for now!!


I will be updating about her when she comes in in my blog ( http://benmcfuzzylugs.blogspot.com )

wish me luck - am I mad???


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Super timid is one of our specialites at the rescue and we jsut let the dog do it's thing the first week. If they only want to lay in the hall and peer out we let them and feed them there.


Eventually their curiosity gets the better of them but, its in everyone's time. We have dogs that's it's only taken a week to meet me excitedly at the gate with everyone and others it's been months and they are just starting.


We offer treat time and often they will come to see the excitement and eventually they will take a treat with everyone else like a spoon full of dog food.



Best of luck with your new foster. Oh another thing carrying is better than forcing to walk on a leash in the first few days or weeks if needed.

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Thankyou guys

Yes I will be taking lots of fotos!!


Thanks for the advice - I am sure I will be back for more!!


I am loaning a nice big crate and making a safe place for her just now so she can hide away if she needs too (and to give her and Ben some space)


Ben can be timid so that is why I thought I could cope better with a shut down dog than fear agressive one

Deff gonna be softly softly

My boyfriend is well over 6 foot and a scary looking guy (for dogs) so I have been training him just to ignore her untill she comes to him and stuff


But the waiting is killing me just now - I cannot plan how to treat her until I meet her and see what she is like

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Fostering is always bitter/sweet. Your heart develops lots of little pockets when you do fostering! She is adorable. That tail tucked under her so tight, says, "I am shy and not sure", but that face says, "Hey, maybe it's not so bad. I might give a chance!". Good luck with her. Keep us updated. Oh, and some new pics of Ben wouldn't hurt, either!

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What a busy few days!!

I picked her up on tuesday, I was handed a dog I was told was too scared to walk

I put her in the car and talked to her the whole way home

then I took her for a walk and she trotted round totaly happy

I took her into the house and crated her and let Ben meet her through the bars of the crate

She was interested but snappy

I left her there for a few hours to get used to each other

then when I let her out they were fine for a while, but we did have a wee fight

So basically in the house we are pretty much on a NILIF for her and we crate her at exciting times and then let her out when everyone is calm, and no lip curls are tolerated by either dogs

seems to be getting better


She loves people but had no manners - jumps all over them jumps on sofa manic - so we have calmed that down, and tonight she met the bloke and sat nicely to be petted and she dosent even try much to get on the sofa


she is deff fear agressive and puts on a big show when she sees bigger dogs than her, but is timid face to face


She is smart smart smart - a bit too quick. We have a 'sit' now and she thinks her name means run up to you and sit at your feet, smart girl

the vet thinks she is over 6 months and under 1 year


here she is settling in

and advice is good advice as I have never dealt with fear agression, the main thing I am making sure I am not telling her off and trying to make all the doggy meatings nice - and rewarding lots for calm Mia





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she's adorable, Pammy, and looks so much like Ben.


You are doing so much for her! Keep it up!


Who is the person in the picture with her in the crate?

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