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Hi y'all,


Figures this weekend when the spouse was gone I had to do the vacumming.....(Which I HATE) and the vacuum cleaner sorta works but then sorta not....so I am thinking of asking "SANTA" for a new vacuum cleaner for Xmas.


We are on a budget -our barn burned down so we are still trying to get it built- so I was wondering if:


IS there a HEPA vacuum out there that can clean 3 plus dogs hair household for about $200?


We have a Fantom Cyclone XT - which is not really good. Does an average job.


Any suggestions?


How about a good steam cleaner for under $200?

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I have a Hoover "Saavy" and I like it for carpet but not tile or hardwoods. I paid about $200 at Target and got a $25 gift card along with it. It has a HEPA filter and you can either use the canister with bags or without. It is horrifying to see all the crud from your carpets packed into that see-through canister.


Here's a thread where we talked about our vaccum cleaners:



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I wouldnt be without my Dyson! It picks dog hair up instantly and the hair is sucked right out of carpets from the deepest of carpet piles! Its really good on the wood flooring and the tiles in the bathroom and comes with great tools to get into the tightest of corners!! I wouldnt swap it for the world when Ive got a dog!!

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hi diane


I use a hoover wind tunnel, which you can get for about $249.00 for the self propelled. I have a hoover steam vac which is AWESOME, and I got it for under $200.00. I need to buy a new vac, and will be getting the hoover self propelled, because I ain't what I used to be in terms of physical strength..


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I have had a Dyson for many years and when I started cleaning for other people I looked into a commercial vac and found the Eureka Sanitaire.



It is on sale right now for $218.00 with free shipping.


Although I like my Dyson I didn't think it would hold up to 4 homes all with dogs and cats. I am very happy with the Sanitaire and have had it for about 6 months now. I have tried tests in my own home and the Sanitaire picks up things the Dyson leaves behind.


Take a look at it and if you have any questions just ask.

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Are these uprights or canisters? We plan to get a new vac when we finish the bags for this one.


OK, we are mingy. But we had to hunt all over for the bags, Hate to waste them - and the effort.

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We got an 07 Dyson Animal, and I love it.

We did get it on close-out, and we had a gift card to use.

We still ended up spending around $300.

However, it is worth it. I have never had such clean carpets in my life.


I've also noticed this new Infinity brand around that supposedly has a similar cyclonic suction system: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/601-9219640-3828109?asin=B000I2WGXE&AFID=Froogle&LNM=B000I2WGXE|EuroPro_Infinity_Upright_Vacuum_with_Pet_Hair_System__Red_NV31&nAID=14110944&re f=tgt_adv_://http://www.target.com/gp/detail.htm...4&re f=tgt_adv_



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