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Update on Bailey

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Bailey is doing great!!

Edie had to go away for a week to tend to her friends funeral, not a fun time. She had to leave Bailey at home with her 26 year old son. I called, reminded him NOT to over feed her, give her the pill, etc...


Edie returned today. She called me from her cell phone and said Bailey came in and got her and was going "crazy" I told her to follow her and sure enough her home phone was ringing. I actually heard it on the cell phone and it made me feel great. I had to hang up, because she had another call- duh.


I called her back a few hours later and she said Bailey is doing great, except for with her cat. Now, she didn't have any problems with other cats and when her son took her to friends houses, she didn't bother the cats, so this must be territorial type of thing. I do not own a cat. Sorry- not a cat person. "OOPS, Edie said Bailey is running circles....something is up. Well, turned out her sons GF knocked on the door, Edie didn't hear it and Bailey was just doing her job. This has been a great placement.


I really miss Bailey, but every time I talk to Edie I feel great. Oh, her son Kyle has been doing very well keeping up with the training when Edie was away. He said "I want another border collie!!!" Edie told him- NO WAY- They can NOT always turn out like this- the only way you will get a border collie is if you send it Dianne for training first. Sure warms the heart!!!


P.S. Next work is coming up soon. I don't know how anyone else feels about doing things like this, but it sure makes me feel GREAT!!!


Did I use the word GREAT too many times- LOL

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Congratulations Dianne!

That must just confirm to you that you really did the right thing. And I'm sure Bailey is really happy with this great and rewarding job to do.

You should be proud! :rolleyes:


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Congrats! It sounds like she's doing great. You are doing a good thing for both the dogs and the people.

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Thanks everyone. Edie got Bailey's vest today and Bailey will be traveling soon helping Edie with all the charity work she does. She bought a wire crate, which Bailey is used to since she chew a big hole in the plastic one- LOL. So, when she visits her sister who doesn't like dogs, she can keep Bailey in the guest room with her and little inconvenience to her sister.

Her son, Kyle wants a border collie, but I said NO, not until he moves back out and I would gladly train one up for him- a rescue- but Bailey does not do well in a 2 dog home. She is fine in public, but does NOT like living with another dog.

Bailey's happy. Edie's happy. Kyle's happy. Bailey is doing a job. Might not be herding, but she gets to go everywhere with Edie and she will live out the last 10 or so years serving her new master. Good placement.


Now, lets see what we can do with the next one? Isn't that what it's all about?

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