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Happy Birthday Zakky Boy!!!

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Happy Birthday Zakky Boy!!!!!



This is the picture that made me fall in love with Zak.


Zak is my adopted boy. He was searched for by me for a long time and hours and hours of travel involved. He was dumped at a local humane society by his owner who said that he was to hard to handle - which is total malarchy! Zakky was passed up by tons of folks looking for dogs and hardly even looked at even when they were looking for big dogs. For some reason nobody wanted him and he had been at the HS for many months. I was told that had I not adopted him his fate didnt look good - I was his last hope.


I had looked at tons of BC and BC mixes to befriend my little Koda and become my second BC - always best to have two! I passed up many many dogs for one reason or another, trying to find the perfect fit and was about ready to give up. I saw this photo (above) and my heart just stopped. I had travelled hours away looking at dogs but figured this boy was probably across the country. After looking a bit more he happened to be only 20 minutes away!


We went to look at him (private with no other dogs) and little Koda hid behind my legs after getting one look at this huge guy. But Zak, with his gentle demeanor, disarmed him quickly and the sniffing began. Less than two minutes after the initial greeting Zak quickly dropped into a play stance and the game was on. Nails were scrabling for traction on the tile floor and the black and white fur was careening into the walls. We took them to the HUGE outdoor barn and they ran and ran and ran until their hearts content. When they settled down they were walking side by side bumping into each other everywhere they went because they were so close.


I knew that this was the dog and my wife spoke up before I could and said, "he's going home with us." We were also very concerned for this boy as he was so skinny that he was bordering serious health issues. He is so furry you couldnt really tell how bad it was until you felt him. His hips, spine and ribs were so prominent that he would be in trouble soon. He came with health insurance for 90 days and we took him to the vet asap. My vet said that had we not adopted him when we did he would have been in serious trouble as he was headed down a very bad road. He has since put on the weight with a diet of Holistic Eagle Pack and lots of love. He is now healthy and happy.


He had to have been abused - its just completely obvious. He was just dumped at the HS by his owner. He has opened up so much since he has been with me and has become the most wonderful of friends - to both Koda and I. This guy hasnt a mean bone in his body and has learned to trust again.


I couldnt give up this boy for the world and being passed up by everyone must have been because we were meant for each other. Well, today he is one year old and he is loved more than he probably thought possible. Happy birthday Zakky Boy - enjoy your tons of bones, toys and doggy birthday cake! Youre home forever and I love you.


Saved from a shelter

Loved to death

And brought back to life

Welcome home

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Cant wait until I get some pics of him in his party hat with his doggy cake later :rolleyes:HE has no idea its his birthday today but with all of the toys, bones, treats and cake later he thinks Im the bestest human on the face of the planet! I'll be sure to post pics later tonight.

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WOW - is Zak a handsome dog or what?

You are all so fortunate to have found eachother -- all he was looking for was someone to see his potential and to love him unconditionally -- and he found it!


Happy B-Day lucky Zak, enjoy the treats!


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Thanks for all of the B-Day wishes guys. Here are some photos from the "birthday party" from today. BTW - that cake is GOOD. Its all natural and has extremely low sugar but it tastes exacly like carrot cake only a bit more dry. Yes, I asked if it was okay for humans and its meant to be shared. :rolleyes: These photos just crack me up and they were fun to make happen. Do I have a couple of happy boys or what?.....although I think the Chihuahuas may have been a bit disgusted until it was cake eating time!















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Happy Birthday Zak!!!! I love his blue eye. Looks like you had a fun day :rolleyes:

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Happy Birthday Zak!!!! I love his blue eye. Looks like you had a fun day :D



OMG did we ever have a fun day. I was laughing so hard putting those corny hats on the dogs I was almost crying. For a $1 something it was more than worth it just for the photos...LOL.


My wife had a guest over with her baby last night and she just thought it was so rediculous (not in a mean way though) to have cake and a birthday party for the dogs. I just told her that, "had I not adopted him he probably wouldnt be alive today and his life deserves a party! Besides, these guys bring the most joy into my life and thats worth celebrating." Then I offered her a piece of cake :rolleyes:


Thanks for the compliments on Zak. Yes, he is a very handsome boy and you dont see to many black and whites with mixed eyes like that - mostly merles. He is such a beautiful dog and I still cant understand why nobody adopted him - their loss, my gain :D

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I know this is belated ... Happy Birthday Zak! But, I just came across this and reading the story, heck, you made me cry! I don't know how anyone could have passed him off to a HS or pass him up and not adopted him, but I guess in a strange way it's good that it happened. Otherwise, you, your wife, and little Koda wouldn't have such a beautiful loving Zakky! The pictures are terrific, too by the way!

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