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  1. I know this is belated ... Happy Birthday Zak! But, I just came across this and reading the story, heck, you made me cry! I don't know how anyone could have passed him off to a HS or pass him up and not adopted him, but I guess in a strange way it's good that it happened. Otherwise, you, your wife, and little Koda wouldn't have such a beautiful loving Zakky! The pictures are terrific, too by the way!
  2. Welcome! How interesting your life sounds! You'll have to give us some ideas on how to teach our BC's how to control the geese. We have a boat here in Pgh. and the geese are always poopin' on our dock! Of course, it's on the end where we keep our boat docked. Figures! Again welcome and look forward to hearing from you on the forum.
  3. Welcome to all the new members! Well it sounds like you know your BC, and patience is the key as I found housebreaking Misty. There were times I thought, what have I gotten myself into, when all of a sudden it just seemed to happen. She was housebroken. Congrats, and look forward to pics and more stories. Also, congrats on getting her into puppy classes, that will definitely help. I wanted to do that w/ Misty, but never got around to it. I'm fortunate enough to have friends with dogs, so she gets a lot of people & doggie interaction. Training seems to be a breeze with the BC's I have no complaints. Good Luck, and again Congrats!
  4. That's funny, I often wondered the same thing, but never actually thought to ask that question here, so kudos to you for doing it for me. Yes, Misty walks like she weighs hundreds of pounds. I often expect my husband to enter the room and see it's her. My husband actually walks lighter, we all do! And, in response to Jedismom...She's a kerplunker too! In fact, just recently my husband took her down to the boat, and the couple of guys down there (fellow boaters) laughed and got a kick out of how she just 'kerplunks' herself. As if she just tips over and falls. lol Glad to hear it's not just Misty. Whew!
  5. Well it's possible this could be it for her, as big as she'll get...but then again, that's what I thought about Misty. She ended up getting a little taller and put on more weight. I'm not real sure how tall she is, I haven't measured her, not sure how to, but she's probably about 40lbs. or more. Which is about 10lbs. heavier than she was at 7-8mos. So, she may still be growing.
  6. It's not really a my space, it's actually another dog forum. Misty's in it too. Cute pup, non the less!
  7. Probably, Koda seeing two of you, what fun!!! Misty's been in front of the mirror, but she doesn't seem to notice anything, whether it be herself or us. Although sometimes in the livingroom I have a curio w/ a mirror in the background and she'll stop...look, and then continue what she's doing. So, I guess she figures, aw heck it's just another dog. I want HUMANS!! LOL She's definitely a people dog!
  8. Misty doesn't actually "watch" TV, but sometimes if we all need to be out of the house for a while I'll leave the TV on for her so she doesn't get lonely. Whether she's watching or not, I guess I wouldn't know. Just last weekend, we had to go to a first communion party for my nephew so I left The Dog Whisperer on! LOL I figured it was like us watching ... oh, I don't know...Dr. Phil! LOL
  9. Happy Birthday Solo!! You don't look a day over 2!! Many more! He's a BEAUTIFUL BOY!!
  10. I use the pin brush and the softer bristle brush (the 2-in-1) and Misty loves being brushed. I don't brush hard when I use the pinny side and I use the softer bristle brush on her ears, face, neck and belly. All her sensitive parts. In fact, when I use the pinny side, it tickles her. She likes it, but it's funny to watch! LOL Good Luck!
  11. Well John, I could understand why you got mad when the dogs took off. I would have probably gotten angry too. In fact, when Misty goes outside and we're trying to get her to come back in and she doesn't listen, I get ticked. I'll call her, clap my hands and then she comes. I usually don't have much of a problem with that, as much as my husband does. I think because Misty's seen the mean side of me...it wasn't used at her, but I've been known to pitch a b*tch around the house about something and she goes and lays down in her crate. I remember one time in particular, and felt so bad, I went to her and told her, I'm not mad at you...and gave her lots of lovin's. But nowadays too, you want to have the recall control or else you can get in big trouble so getting angry is understandable. It's probably not all anger as it's fear too that what if something happens either to the dogs or to someone else. Everybody is sue happy anymore, so we have a lot to lose. But, to answer your question how I calm myself. Usually a BEER! LOL
  12. I saw this on dogster. They even had a poll if you were guilty of allowing your pet to sit on your lap. Frankly, I don't think it's legal here either, but it's not like they'll pull you over for it. I could not imagine Misty being on my lap while driving. In fact, if you ever see her on my lap, stop me! Call the cops, or better yet an ambulance! Because the outcome isn't going to be pretty! Unless she's so smart, she can steer! LOL I have a lap dog too, and I don't even drive with her on my lap.
  13. Hi Tonia, before we got Misty we did a lot of research on the web on the breed and what to expect. My husband had found a site that mentioned at the beginning the BC won't want to leave the yard, but right about the age of your dog could have a tendancy to run after cars. If your walking your dog and this is when she lunges towards cars, (Misty tried this and it scared the crap out of me) make her sit while cars pass. Also, make sure you shorten the leash so she has no where to go. This has helped a lot w/ Misty. I had problems w/ Misty pulling while walking until I found a forum that told me about the gentle leader (pretty much like the halti) and that was a Godsend! I don't have any problems anymore. In fact, I also found if I tire her out a little before our walks I can now walk her without the gentle leader. I tire her out by playing frisbee. You're going to find all these little quirks will work themselves out rather quickly as long as you keep up on them to put an end to the unwanted behavior. BC's are so freakin' smart, it will be like a lightbulb went on and you'll have your dream dog! Good Luck!
  14. Aaawww! We have a little night light too in the kitchen, it wasn't for Misty as much as for ourselves, but maybe that's why we don't have an issue with her at night. She usually only wakes us up (and this isn't often) when she needs to go potty. She did start barking one night, but I think she heard something outside as I had the dining room window open and her crate is in the living room not far from it. So most likely she heard a noise. You hate to ignore it, like someone else stated, because your pup may just need to go potty. I had heard about covering the crate and that seems to help in most cases, so that's a good idea. Also, maybe like someone else also suggested tire her out some before bedtime. Whether it's a walk or teaching tricks, etc. When my husband takes Misty down to the boat yard to run around, she's one tired pooch! We've even caught her snoring! LOL Good Luck!
  15. Welcome! Loved the story about the guys willing to poop in the ladies yard! Cracked me up! LMAO!! It took Misty awhile too to poop outside, have no idea why, but when she did, I praised her just like you did to Tifa, so keep it up. BC's love to be loved, so the praise will definitely help and the poopin' outside will kick in sooner than later. She's beautiful, and it's so sweet to see your girls on the couch with her. All beautiful girls!
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