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  1. They're probably on the blankets next to your door because they want to be close to you and inside. BC's, from what I read, love to be near the people they love. So leaving them outside, isn't really an option for a BC. They want to be inside with you!
  2. Gosh no! I would need a bigger bed, especially if I want to continue sleeping w/ my husband (which I do!) Also, lately I've read on another forum how many times someone elses dogs have peed on their beds. If Misty did that, I don't know, she may lose her happy home! I FINALLY got a new mattress (a sleep number bed) and if she ruined it for me, I'd be really upset. She's only a little over 7mos. old, too. I want her to get used to her crate. She is already, but eventually I think she'd be happier when the day comes when she doesn't have to be crated at night and can sleep downstairs w/ o
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