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Punctured penis


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The neighbours kelpie is in heat and she thinks she's gorgeous so she's always over here bugging my 2 neutered males. This morning she and Loki were running in the hayfield (Loki on a long rope) when I noticed blood on his white belly.


His lipstick is extended, very swollen and bloody and after cleaning it, I noticed that it is badly lacerated and has what looks like a puncture. He is really good about me cleaning it, because obviously this really hurts. I suspect the kelpie bit him.


I will keep him crated for the rest of the day and give it some time for the swelling to go down. The vet is not far if things dont settle down soon.


Any advice for soothing a punctured penis?

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Loki's in surgery now.


I posted then checked it again and it was worse than I first thought.


Looks like they tied and she ripped them apart.


Who, the Kelpie owner? If she did she is responsible for those bills!


I hope it turns out ok.

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I was the only person around when this happened. The kelpies owners let her run because there seem to be no intact dogs around here who could catch her ( yeah, I know...). When I realized that Loki was hurt, I checked the Kelpie over and she seems fine. The vet asked if there were dominance issues between the dogs and I said no but maybe they did fuss at each other. All six dogs on this farm get along really well (4 bitches/2 neutered dogs) but I am starting to think that Loki was letting it all hang out when they were playing and he got bit. That is what the wounds suggest to me.


I also have a thread going on the General discussion. I 'll update there later on this morning when Loki has more surgery. I will spare you the pics and details of the wounds themselves. I'm still shuddering and I am not a guy!


I miss my poor little hurting dude....

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