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Those of you who are regulars on this board already know the saga of Missy, so I will not go into detail again. Suffice it to say that we did not have a lot of hope that Missy would make it until Christmas this year, and the vet was not optimistic; between the cancer, the Cushings Disease, the heart murmur, and her advanced age, things did not look good. But the Energizer Bunny is still hanging in there. We have been going to the vet every week for shots and a check-up (now there's an expensive proposition). Well, Missy made it through Christmas; and after visting the vet yesterday, it looks like she will make it through New Year's as well. She is not getting better; but at the moment she is not getting significantly worse either. We know that it is just a matter of time; but it would have been a very bleak Christmas if we lost our beloved 14-year-old during the holidays.


Thanks to all who have been with us through this, and thanks for the prayers that I'm sure played a part in ensuring that this would be a good holiday for us. And a special thanks to bcfriend for her interest and support. I hope that you all have a happy and healthy New Year, as well as your families (inclyuding the four-legged members).

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I'm so glad that Missy is still hanging in there. I know it had to mean a lot having her for Christmas.

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