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  1. Oh and in response to the OP, which is why I came in in the first place LOL. There is a BC competing here that is incredibly tiny, she would be about the size of your fellow (I think, Im not too good with the conversions). She is purebred and KC bred, just the runt of the litter and has been tiny all her life. That breeder has bred many, many litters of the years and never had another one even close to her size, she was just an anomoly
  2. Yeh she is pretty nicely built, only about 48kgs (not sure what that translates as). There was also a male GD competing at our nationals, he was from interstate so don't know much about him, but he was much bigger and didn't make the whole thing look effortless like Sash does.
  3. Interesting you say that actually, I have a friend with a Great Dane that absolutely LOVES agility They are only new to the sport but she has done incredibly well with her and even made it into a national final in June with this run (also features her 2nd agility dog, a Viszla, in his first comp). Her first few trials Mind you, in Australia the heighest height for ANKC agility is 600mm (24 inches) so it is not a huge effort for her to step over, its more the tunnels, chutes and weaves that cause the problems. She is a notorious weave pole snapper! Her handler is very awa
  4. Not the best images, and from memory I had a polarising filter on LOL but this was my friend's choc tri Milo.
  5. I haven't got time to give a big reply sorry but just wanted to say that every dog is different and every dog will prefer something different to work for. You can manipulate this to suit yourself when they are young by building a huge amount of value into your preferred reward but some dogs will still have a natural preference. Ours are primarily agility dogs and this is what I am referring to when I saw "work", we do work them on sheep but have none of our own at the moment so travelling a few hours to see our trainer is not possible on a daily basis for obvious reasons My preference is
  6. Mine are all allowed on the bed, even fosters. The only condition is that they have to wait until they are invited (wait until Ive got myself in a good spot and got the blanket organised) otherwise Charlie would be straight up there and lying on my pillow. Charlie would sleep on my head if I let him- he is a snuggler and loves to get as close to me as he possibly can. Sometimes I will let him put his head on my chest if it is comfortable, otherwise he sleeps in the curve of my waist. Delta likes to do things slightly different. She sleeps under the bed! Although if it is really cold she will s
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