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We adopted a 7-month-old BC today. Other than his slight fear of the cat, he's doing great. Currently, he's on Joy High Performance. It's not available at our local pet shop, which has a great selection of high-end food. We're leaning towards Wellness, because that's what the cats get, but I want to get some opinions on different feeds.


I'd love to do the BARF diet, but we don't have the freezer space, so it will have to be kibble.

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You can find a lot of previous discussion using the search feature at the top of the page. If you search for "whole dog journal", you can also find ratings. What I've gleaned from previous readings is that there are many good quality kibbles, but your dog may have to try several before finding the best for him. I usually feed my dog Canidae, which is fine, but I wanted to see whether any other highly recommended product would be better. So she's been been on Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato for the last six weeks. I haven't noticed any improvement over her previous condition, so I will probably go back to Canidae after finishing this bag.

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Really, you have to find out what works best for your dog -so don't be afriad to try new foods! :rolleyes:


Great ones are.....


Innova EVO

TOTW (Taste of The Wild)

Nature's Variety Instinct (my dogs just started this)

Wellness CORE


Natural Balance


Timberwolf Organics (you can order this online, free shipping all the time)

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Any of the premium foods should be fine, including Wellness (which I occasionally feed to my geriatric Boy). As others have said, some dogs do better on one kind of food than another (Boy couldn't keep weight on with Timberwolf Organics, for exmple, but does great with Prairie Naturals, Wellness, Eagle Pack, Merrick, Pinnacle and a few others). So try a few out if you want to and see what works best. Do pay attention to fat/protein and calorie content, as you may need to adjust amounts fed to compensate for differences between brands. If you want to start out with Wellness, that's great. If it works well for him, then you have no need to look further. If he doesn't do well on it, then there are lots of other really good options.



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I feed Innova as a base food. Then I rotate through the other high end brands. Usually Wellness, Timberwolf, Solid Gold etc. So in other words half and half. I wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day, no matter how good it tastes. I add EVO in the summer months because she is way more active and has a hard time keeping weight on.


Like the others have said , you'll need to experiment to find out what works best for your dog and also what they think tastes good.

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Soft stool is to be expected when changing foods. This is another reason why I keep the Innova an every day staple and royate through the other stuff. I hop this will keep tummy used to change in case we can't get her regular food somewhere. Although, I know A LOT of dogs you can't do this with. So be carefull.


Lucia loves Wellness and I recently tried their fish and potatoe style. Lucia has never had fish before. It gives her the worst breath and horrible gas :rolleyes: Stick with the meat products :D

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