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We got to pick Belle today. She seems to be feeling okay. She ate a lot and is quick with the tail wags, you can tell she is worn out though, poor girl.


The vet was encouraged that her red blood cell count came up so much. He is wondering if maybe she doesn't just have a skin infection instead of an autoimmune disorder. Some of the symptoms are so similar though. I'm just going to rejoice in the fact that she got to come home and wait to see what the test says.


She came home with a steroid pill and antibiotics, we go back in 10 days. He says skin infections can be pretty touchy even if it's not an autoimmune problem. He will call this week with those results.


Sorry about my chopiness, I'm holding my baby amd typing with one hand. You have been so nice to me I didn't want to leave you with no update.

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I'm glad she's home. It is so hard when they're sick. Best wishes and prayers for both of you.

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She seems to be doing pretty good. She looks much better, her coat has it's shine back and she's looking more like herself. She still has a pretty yucky looking spot by her eye but it is improving. She licks her paws a lot but other then that she seems perfectly normal. I'm babying her and trying not to let her run with the other dogs to much since we still don't know what this is.


The results to the autoimmune panel will come in sometime this week. I'm not sure when but I sure hope it's soon. I'll let you know as soon as I know anything.

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