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Yesterday Toby had his CGC test and he passed with flying colours. I had even considered pulling out because I didn't think he was ready yet but felt we could both learn a lot by doing it anyways. He went into that place and showed off like some kind of highly trained obedient dog :D I do feel like a bit of a fraud though because he snapped at my hand earlier in the day when I was trying to brush him (he dislikes being groomed especially around the butt) and had he done that during the test it would have been an automatic fail. I was so proud none the less because he was the only dog in his group that passed and some were on their second and third tries. I couldn't get over how poorly behaved some of those dogs were! :rolleyes:

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Very good! CGC awards are very proud-making! Sorry, not a real word or anything, but...


I think the only thing Joy couldn't do is supervised separation...she whines if she's out of the the same room as me for more then 5 minutes!


For the grooming: does the dog have to be in a stand? I heard it's to the evaluators discretion, but I'm not so sure.

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