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  1. Oh I agree with what you're saying about Diane. Was just picking someone because out of the references in the last two pages of this topic that breeders shouldn't make money or that breeders who do are just greedy selfish sorts, Diane was actually a breeder. I've been seeing it everywhere, said by breeders of all sorts of dogs, where when they're explaining how or why they are a good breeder they throw that part about "I don't make money!" in there. There are lots of people, like the group I started this thread because of, who will insist breeders make oodles of money selling dogs. So if "good
  2. The whole line of thought Julie is talking about here, and people like mum24dog has expressed as their opinion, is rather confounding to me. Basically what I'm reading is dogs shouldn't be bred because even good breeders will have dogs that aren't up to snuff but breeders shouldn't put those dogs down but rescues don't want to mop up the excess? Maybe I'm not wording that well but hope you get what I'm saying. And apparently one of the main criteria for being a good breeder is that you make no money and go in the hole doing it? Even Diane seems to qualify herself with the no money thing.
  3. There are actually several of these 'hate breeders' groups on Facebook. The one that I posted on is just the one with the most members, having over one thousand.
  4. That was actually the question of my first post on their group, where would working dogs come from if there were no breeders and I listed various types of working dogs. Their response was a chorus of "rescue." So I asked again if there are no breeders, you advocate all dogs should be spayed and neutered, where do we get working dogs from, where do we get any dogs from? They told me I didn't understand them and that I should go visit a shelter and see all the dogs die. So I asked about the "no-kill" shelter movement and snagged a few links from sites talking about shelters that have successfull
  5. Yeah, I'm just wondering how widespread and accepted this hate thing is.
  6. So I encountered something on the internet this evening that quite set me aback. Wanted to ask some questions about it and I know the BC boards has a healthy population of both rescuers and breeders and owners. What I was linked to was a hate group on Facebook created by rescuers to proclaim the utter evils of dog breeders. Among other things their posts say over and over that breeders are animal abusers, that all dogs should be spayed or neutered, and that shelters are overflowing with dogs being euthanized in endless numbers. When I asked questions, no they did not want to discuss ideas on
  7. Thought this was a great response from Amanda, just wanted to bump it haha. Never let a young pup fail, helping him will also help his trust in you, eventually that pup will have to face challenges, but not until after you've given him some tools and experience for him to use to succeed.
  8. Thanks Julie, I'll email them after work. The one dog is maybe an aussie cross, The dog looks like a border collie but he has a half tail. So either someone did a terrible job of docking it, it got hurt, or the dog has the natural bob tail gene in there somewhere lol. The dog was found wandering on the ranch last year, none of the neighbors would claim him so it's assumed he was dumped off by someone. He seems pretty young. Second dog is probably about five years old, he's been at the ranch two years, a lady at the vet clinic in town owned him. She thought he nipped her daughter (the way
  9. What people or groups would be good contacts for rescuers in central OK? I have a friend who's had a couple dogs pawned off on him because people knew he had herding dogs (he has some dogs he uses to work his cattle and sheep with). One dog was just dumped off here. And while he doesn't mind feeding them, it's kind of a shame for these guys to just spend the rest of their lives sitting in kennels. There are three dogs, all three very sweet and friendly.
  10. Interesting. Is there some place I can read the original article? Also, does anyone know what criteria the Austrian registry mentioned requires for 'proven working ability' for registration?
  11. I ran a few COI calculations through the pedigree program that I keep records of my dogs on. Switching between six and ten generations changed the COI a little over a % at the most but usually less than a %.
  12. You specifically mention a six generation pedigree. Is there a significance to this? In other words, do you figure dogs farther back don't have a significant impact on COI or diversity? Or a COI established from more generations isn't as telling regards to what they actually inherit from them or? Not really sure I'm asking the right question here.
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