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I need to vent

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Ok, so I need to vent about a conversation I just had with a fellow classmate. I'm at school at NC state. I'm no animal rights actavist but I feel all animals deserve a few essential things:


Shelter from the elements

Good food

Clean water

Human interaction



These aren't wolves we're keeping with us, they are domesticated animals that regure these things.


In saying so, I was in a argument with this guy who was telling me about his family dog that his parents keep at their farm. My first thought is, great it has a lot of room to itself. Then he tells me that it's an outdoor dog, which is fine, but that it is always outdoors even in the worst of weather...which I guess is still ok as long as it has a dog house or a barn to sleep in. Anyways I wasn't trying to judge yet.


Next he told me that the dog is a hunter and fends for itself....in other words...they don't feed it! they give it table scraps if anything at all. They don't feed it any sort of dog food, they don't even have a number to a vet. It is essentiall a lawn ornament. I told him to never tell me his parents address or I'll send the ASPCA after him.


From our conversation I gathered that it was a black lab. I know from knowing several labs that they love their people and would be completely and totally satisfied to be around them at all times but this one is kept in the backyard, forced to kill to eat. I can only imagine the parasites it has. Not to mention probably heartworm and completely infested with fleas and ticks. He also told me that the lab before this one died in an abandoned house...he didn't mention what from. But he was telling me this to illustrate that they won't even bring the dog in if it's dieing.


Am I wrong to think this is inhumane and cruel? Am I wrong to think that a dog should be fed, housed, kept healthy, loved on and cared for?


I'm never letting him near my pups. Unfortunatelly he's my lab partner so I still have to talk to the jackass.


Thanks for listening.

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If you know his name, and maybe whether if he's in state, do a search to see if you can find out where he lives. As NC State is a state school, he's probably from here. Heck, even ask others if they know his home town.


When you find his home, do see who you can contact there to save the poor dog!

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Is there any possibility he's winding you up?



After writting this I starting wondering the same thing. All I can say is I hope to god that he was just trying to get a rise out of me. Good for him, he did. But if what he says is really true then I feel for that poor dog. He doesn't live near here. He is from the state but a few hours from school so I woudln't have a way to check on it. If I get his number I may see if there's any rescues near by that would check for me. Or even post it on the forum.

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