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  1. Looks great! I haven't signed in in a while. I was on photobucket and I think I deleted my avatar photo, oh, well it's five yrs old!
  2. Some years ago I was visiting family I rural Alabama, I was an everyday suburban jogger at that time and couldn't wait to hit the back roads. My bro in law warned me of the casual nature of pet "ownership" in that neck of the woods and I was advised to either carry a pistol or stay in the yard. I didn't jog for a week. My heart goes out to the family that lost a child. As a mom of three boys I also know how hard it is to make sure they are always where they should be.
  3. Wow, guess I should read more than the "last posted topic" now and then...Gael is doing fine. He sleeps on my bed. He has put on some weight. He still hasn't had that bath... I have to remember to tell folks that he is the "new dog" as he seems to fit in so well with the pack. His big issue is barking barking barking. We live in the country now and don't get many visitors(or have close neighbors)...so different than before, suburbs and in-home business with clients in and out. We adopted Gael/sparky on Jan 5 and didn't even have a visitor til Feb 18th. My son stopped by on his way to an
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many border collies do you have? six How many have you owned in your lifetime? five fosters, some long term...and 8 eight outright. Do you use them for herding?One is in training... Trying to....lol. agility? In the past obedience? Five earned CGCs for what it's worth.. Are they part of the family or just used for working? They live in the house, sleep on the furniture. They all have a specific job. What made you choose the breed? Lifelong love-check out post under another topic. Will
  5. Thank you all so much for your support and suggestions. I will take all to heart. Patty
  6. I don't know the story other than they were moving and didn't want pets anymore. :confused: I guess they were a responsible home, if not a forever home. He is trained, neutered and not fat....sweet dog. patty
  7. Hello group. It is 70 degrees in VA today...feels like spring. Yesterday I took in a ten year old bc that had been with his family since he was a puppy. He came into the shelter with a cat friend that I couldn't take. He's in pretty good shape, just really depressed. I have done occassional rescue/foster for almost 7 years now...but I've never taken in a dog that came from a "good" home before. The way he walks at the fence line(don't worry, he's on lead) makes me think he may be a jumper/runner. I crated him last night and he was fine, he's on lead in the house too. I put his food in the cra
  8. My dogs all love carrots! If I'm peeling them for people food the dogs are right there catching the shavings and ends. Of course they eat just about ANYTHING with gusto! Lately two of them are always trying to nibble up the ground corn that I use to lure the sheep into the yard! And I think of the money I spend for dog food without corn...I have used carrot "pennies" for training treats for an overweight dog. I have noticed that if they do get a whole carrot(or a pushy dog steals more than his share) the carrots reappear the next morning, lol. In our former home they could get to the garde
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