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I am going to do the HV tomorrow. I am very glad I get to do it! Also, I am taking the girls with me so her hubby can meet them! She e-mailed me last night, and then called this morning before I had a chance to! Wish us luck. I don't know if these girls come back to me, I can put them through this again! So I was very glad when I told her that I would be calling her vet tomorrow, and if the HV goes okay, the girls are theirs when ever they are ready. And she said great, but they would probly take another week to think it over and make sure. That's gotta be a good sign. I feel stupid for feeling like it will be a good match, since I thought that about those other people. The man was a moron, and I didn't see it. So, I am very glad they are taking their time. Very glad, indeed.

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Thats great. I hope the HV goes good. They sound like good dog owners. Do they have other dogs? It's always a good sign when they want to think about it. It scares me when someone take a dog home when they first meet it. I hate the saying "well I have wanted one so I guess I'll go ahead and get, uh what's his name?"


Good luck tomorrow. I hope they get their forever home. Paws crossed.

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Too bad it's going to be so hot, and you'll have the girls with you, otherwise I'd suggest you swing by the Humane Society while you're in town to say hi. You'll just have to do that some other time. Hope the HV goes well!!

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