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Quickie medical question

Guest pax

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One of the dogs had a biopsy of a lump on her ribs on Monday. Yesterday afternoon there was a some edema, but it was late and I could not get her back to the operating vet. Rather than take her to the e clinic for an emergency, I swiped it with roll-on DMSO (after my post I did some quickie research).


I DMSO-ed it but it didn't go down as much as I would have hoped.


If it was a horse in the barn I'd have stuck a needle in it myself, but as it was a dog and my dog skills are noticably poorer than my horse skills, I took her in. THEY aspirated it (normal edema) and put a pressure wrap on which of course has slid down around her waist.


Anyway, I need to rewrap the pressure wrap and get a move on. Thanks for the responses.

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