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Willow's Year Anniversary with Me

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Oops, the title should say 2 Year Anniversary!


I just want to give a huge thanks to all of those who gave me advice about Willow when I first brought her home from Pima County Animal Control two years ago. She was a mess - severe separation anxiety, attacking my dogs, attacking any dog that came near me, lifeless, no spirit, didn't play with toys, didn't run around with the other dogs, fearful, couldn't go to the dog park, etc., etc., etc. I think it took her about 6 months to even pull her tail out from between her legs and wag it at me.


It has been two years since July 7th that she has been with me. She has come a long way in the past two years. We are still working on some things, but she isn't fearful of everything anymore. She doesn't attack my dogs. She goes to the dog park and doesn't even growl at other dogs anymore. She goes into her crate on her own and doesn't cry and bark like crazy trying to get out. She runs and plays and chews on bones. She acts silly and goofy and gets excited. She has such a personality now! We have started herding and we start agility in September. She has traveled to Colorado, San Francisco, and New Jersey. She is just the most wonderful dog now!


I think of all those rescues who just need time to adjust, who need someone who will work with them and be patient. People who don't give up on their dogs. It may take a year or even two, but in the end it is so worth it. Thank you to all of those patient, caring people. Thank you to the rescuers and volunteers. Thank you to everyone here who cares about doing what is best for their BCs and all dogs in general.

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Success stories are great to read. Kudos to you for taking Willow in and working with her, to give her the great life she has now. Sure sounds like she fell on her four feet the day she met you. And the pictures are where .........? :rolleyes:

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Here are some pics!



This is Willow at the pound.



Willow getting used to the water. She was terrified of the pool! Now she will go in with me and then swim to the edge and get out.



Willow in Rifle, Colorado on our morning walk.



Our first time herding.



Lounging at my cousin's house in New Jersey.



Playing in the ocean in San Francisco with Bailey, Ginger and Indy.



Spending the day with my 4th graders.



Wriggling around on her bed.



Such a pretty girl now!



Traveling along the CA coast.

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Wow! What a gorgeous girl! Happy 2nd anniversary!!


I love seeing the before and after pound pics! There is always such a drastic change in appearance (for the better)!!

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Quite a change and what a good life for Willow. It's so nice to see them blossom. How long did it take for you to gain her trust? I rescued a 3 year old male. 23" tall. 28 pds after 2 weeks of free feeding. It took him a year to trust me. But once that trust was developed, you couldn't ask for a better companion. I'm so happy for your 2 year anniversary. Thank doG she got you as an owner!!!

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Wow, she's really changed. She's really a pretty girl. I like that pic of her with the little kids. She looks so happy now. You did great with her. What two years will do. This Dec will be one year for Black Jack. He's still changing everyday too.

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