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antibiotic-induced anorexia?


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Has anyone heard of antibiotic-induced anorexia in puppies. Some woman on one of DH's online cooking things seems to have a rescue pup with this (and mange). She's looking for suggestions for stuff to tempt the pup. The one suggestion so far was chicken lives simmered in chicken broth, then minced.

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I haven't heard of it specifically in dogs because of anorexia, but I do know that some antibiotics do make the stomach upset both for dogs and humans.


The chicken livers idea sounds a bit too rich. If the poor pup has an upset tummy, gets tempted to eat and then feels worse, he's not going to want eat again.


When Buzz was ill w/a bacterial overgrowth and felt so bad he wouldn't eat, my vet recommended over cooking white rice with some extra water, so that it turned into a sort of rice cream. I made it with half homemade chicken broth and half plain water. The rice/chicken broth was mild enough that it didn't upset his tummy, he started to feel better because he got some calories in him, and his appetite picked up nicely. I'd sooner go with something like that than a rich meal for this little guy.


Good luck!


Ruth n the BC3

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