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  1. Yeah, maybe that was the problem and just needed some days until it finally worked. Btw his vet did not expressed his glands 'cause he knows about any connection, it was just accident that he did this, 'cause I told him Bo always rubbing his booty on the ground without having worms.
  2. @geonni banner: Berger Blanc Suisse - Wow, that's not even right, that's even perfect! What I wondered about the article was, at least here in Germany, Border Collies are actually known as pretty stranger-friendly. And Bo defiantly is - I can count the people he didn't like during one year on one hand, unlike the people one whose lap he'd like to jump and give 'em some kisses, hahaha!
  3. Under my ava you can read that I'm from Germany so you can't assume I know everything whats going on your country.
  4. Woah, how fussy! In Germany we all call Border Collie just "Borders". Just like you Americans call the White Swiss Shepherd a White German Shepherd. So let's stop messing around.
  5. Here's an interesting article about what the Border has not been bred for which shall be the reason for some common Border problems: http://www.agilitynet.co.uk/training/bordercollie_suekitchen_leewindeatt.html What do you think?
  6. His anal glands just have been expressed, the same day when the vet checked his ears. I don't know if this was the problem, but since a few days the shaking is gone! But of course I will keep observing it!
  7. He does it in relaxed settings as well. What about OCD?
  8. Hey guys, since over three weeks Bo's always shaking is head. I checked it, nothing to see, so at first I gave him pain relieving ear drops, and it got better (at least I'd imagine that). After the five-days treatment the shaking got back after a couple of days so I got him to the vet. He checked ears (even with a little video cam in the ears) and couldn't find anything. No inflammations, no parasites or any abnormalities. But the shaking doesn't stop. Sometimes maybe one or two days without, but most days he does every other hour. He holds his head crooked sometimes as well. Any idea what tha
  9. Hey, does everyone know if the issues of "Eminent dogs, dangerous men" differ? I found three, of 1991, 1992 and 2007. The older ones are of course cheaper, but maybe some stuff has been added to the 2007 version? It has more pages, but that doesn't have to mean anything.
  10. Thanks, especially to MyTDogs and Jedismom (of course all others as well!). Remember the visits to my sister is just an example - of course I could leave Bo at home but at some other routine changes I can't and I actually agree very much with MyTDogs that I want to strengthen Bo mentally so such things won't be such a big problem for him anymore. Btw I also believe he would accept anything as long as he can go with me and not stay at home. I will try all your advices soon!
  11. Yes I take him with for those gathering. Sometimes also for a normal visit, but it's not sooo often... maybe every three month. Bo clings very much on his daily routine. I'm eager to vary everything a little but, you know, some things just remain the same - and then in rarely cases they don't! I was always take his Kong for him with me to those events but someone else already recommended me to bring something more familiar. Next time I will bring "Tigger" his tiger-headed pillow on which he sucks (like on his mother ) and his "Linus-blanket" (he carries it around like Linus from the Peanuts ^
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking for some tips how to help my dog when stressed. Bo is a four year old Border Collie. He's pretty fearless but as Border Collie he's still naturally easily stressed by some things. For example when I visit my sister like for her, her daughters or husbands birthday. Actually it's always pretty quiet, no big party, just sitting around eat some cake and drinking coffee. Bo usually knows everybody attending (however, some of the people he meets rarely). The plain fact that this daily routine changed seems to stress him. He's not anxious but he can't rest. Like a little child w
  13. When I started Bo on raw diet he would eat about everything I gave him. But over the time he' got very picky. He stopped eating much of the stuff he did and I don't even need to offer him something new. He rather starves for days than eating something he doesn't like. My concern is that he gets any deficiencies. This is what he still eats: Chicken carcass, chicken breast, chicken necks, chicken stomach, chicken hearts, turkey breast, turkey necks, beef goulash, beef heart, green tripe. He also often gets my leftovers like (I eat very healthy - light meat, veggies, fruits, etc.). Do you think t
  14. Bo howls, too! The "roo-roo-roo" when he greets me or others or wants to play. And when he hears church bells he howls a whole song... and I live next to a church (bells 2 times a day, 3 times Sunday and additionally at special masses) .
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