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Gus is in surgery today!

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So we had a visit to the vet today to get Sally looked at and Gus came along for the ride. Since he is on a wellness plan they looked over Gus and the little bump in his ear last week was a large weird looking polyp thing. :rolleyes:


So they have him scheduled to remove the growth thing today, and he will have to be put under with an IV and all to remove it. I'm still waiting on the call from the vet. They know him well, and will take good care of him, but it is still stressful to have my furbaby getting cut on. We are going to have it biopsied, hopefully it is just a wart or infection or somthing benign.


Sally was nervous about the vet, but she checked out just fine. She has tapeworms, but that is easily fixed, and not that unusual. We have an appointment with my dog trainer tomorrow night to help me handle Gus and Sally as they settle in. they get along most of the time but Gus is a little resource guarder, and Sally will really tell him what she thinks. No big fights or anything, I just want to make sure I am handling it right, especially the resource guarding.


I just wish I knew how he was doing!!

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They called and he is waking up. The procedure went well and we will hopefully get the biopsy results tomorrow or the next day. Just in case they are going to send him home with pain meds, and he gets to wear the e-collar again. He gets to come home in a few hours, we will try to keep it all calm for him.


LOL, I should have asked if they could put a stud through it, but then he'd REALLY look like a girl dog :rolleyes:

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I'm glad he came out ok. Be sure to give him lots of hugs for being such a good boy at the vet. Get well soon Gus!!

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