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Craig screaming

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So I was awoken at 5 am this morning by Craig screaming, and I mean really screaming, in his crate. Like he was dying. I ran over to his crate and opened the door. He was in the back of the crate. Sophie and Taz were right there, trying to go in his crate to see what the heck he was screaming about, so I brought them outside. When I turned back to see Craig, he had come into the kitchen. He seemed fine, though he had peed a little in his crate. His screams sounded terrified and like he was really hurt, but he was fine. Or seems to be fine.




And why is everything happening on the weekend, when the vet's office is closed? Seems like with all the weird stuff he's been exhibiting (seizure last weekend, bizzarro reverse sneezing episodes, now this), he should be checked out, but can it wait until Monday, or should we make a trip to the $$$ emergency vet? He doesn't seem to be in imminent danger, but then why would he be screaming about nothing?


By the way, he finally seems to be over his reverse sneezing bout. He had just a couple of bouts last night, each of which lasted only a normal 10-20 seconds or so.


ETA: I have calmed down a bit now, four hours later, and am not going to take him into the emergency vet. I'm not sure what's going on with Craig these days, but I don't think it's a dire emergency. He's just a weird dog--really, really unlike my other dogs. Whackadoo. But still lovable. And he'd be even more lovable if he would let me get some sleep once in a while...

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Reverse sneezing...............................................

Bandit has ocasionally done it. I believe it's nothing serious. Maybe someone else on forum might have more input. I believe it was dicused here about a year ago. If I remember correctly you can massage the dogs throat to stop it.


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Thanks for the responses. Craig seems fine now. I don't have any idea why he would scream like that. At the time, I honestly thought he was quite possibly dying and expected to see major hemoraging or something when I opened the crate. I'd never heard sounds like that come from a dog before. Scary.


I thought it might be a seizure at first, but it wasn't like his other seizure last weekend. That one was quiet, and he had difficulty walking afterward. Plus he was very disoriented and clingy the rest of the day. Instead, now, he is acting as if nothing happened. That's what made me think he just scared himself somehow--can dogs have nightmares?


Still, I am going to bring him into the vet. Not the emergency vet this weekend (unless something else happens tonight :D), but a regular vet sometime this week. I am actually in the process of finding a new vet (I recently moved and now live half an hour away from my old vet, whom I didn't love in the first place), so I was sort of waiting to bring him in for a full workup until I found another vet. I think I have finally found someone I like, though, so I am going to try to bring Craig in this week.


He sure is keeping things interesting around here!! :rolleyes:

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I had a shi tzu that used to freak out in his crate periodically in the night. Like SCREAM as though he were being killed. I think he would just wake up and not know where he was and panic, as there was nothing wrong with him. Well, there were lots of things wrong with him, mainly that he was a shi tzu, but nothing *physically* wrong with him that would cause the screaming :rolleyes:



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Well, you got me wondering, so I did a search and you're not alone. Read this


Also, I found this advice from a vet about how to distinguish a dream from a seizure:


Dogs tend to dream with more action and for shorter times than people. Sometimes dogs exhibit so much movement during a dream that people have in the past mistaken them for seizures. However, you can easily wake a dreaming dog, but you could not halt a seizure in the same way.


Not much, I know. It was tough looking for useful information amidst all the hits for "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time", which is a fantastic book and well-worth reading, but not relevant to this topic.

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I do know that my parents' dog, Oreo, used to seize quietly, but after a few started screaming bloody murder when she has a round of the horrible things - she wasn't hurt, just in a full grand mal seizure.

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