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  1. Maja

    Something tells me you're not six years old :)

  2. Just recently saw this post! My Bandit's Body is white with some minor ticking. Both ears are black with some white strands. 2 black eye patches. one large. one narrow. People usually comment how great his markings are. Lance deanbandit.bmp
  3. I took Bandit,my Border Collie to Beach today(Chesapeake Bay). We were walking with a friend, Rita, who had a Greyhound, Zulu. We came across a young woman(early twenties) with 2 dogs. Golden Retriever, she said she recently rescued, and Black dog, (7yrs old named Midnite), who looked like Golden Retriever, only black. I heard young woman yell," Don't throw it; It's a Kong frisbee, It won't float, but will sink!" It was too late, my friend had already tossed it into the water, for the dog to retrieve. My friend felt awful, said she would buy her another frisbee. The young woman, who had wet Jeans on, and looking upset, said she paid $12 for it. That she already went into the very cold water once to retrieve frisbee ,before she knew it would not float! Seeing how upset the young woman was, and also my friend Rita, I took my shoes off and rolled up both pants legs, and went into freezing cold water. I found frisbee about 20ft out. When I returned to beach with my very red and frozen feet, I handed girl the frisbee. She then began to cry, saying it was midnite's favorite toy, and that midnite was having her cancerous front leg amputated this coming Tuesday! Lance
  4. I have not posted in awhile. I'm concerned about Bandit's eyes. He is rubing his left eye, which is red, and having discharge/gunk. right eye also has discharge, but not as much. I'm thinking it may be alergy related. (change in season?) Or it might be sand or Chesapeake Bay related. Last week we camped out at first Landing State Park for 4 days. Went to beach and swimming daily. Couple days earlier some parts of beach was closed down for swimming due to polution, Human waste, but reopened day later after more testing? I remeber in the past, I gave Bandit Benadryl for eye redness and gunk for alergy. I don't remeber if season change was spring or fall? Are any of you having alergy problem with your dog's, eyes and giving Benadryl? How much and often? Can human eye drops be used for dogs? Lance
  5. [ Update: Thanks everyone for your responses, well wishes, information and opinions. Except for his appearance, Bandit is behaving normal. He does not appear to be traumatized. He is eating a little more that usual. I'm guessing maybe because of loss of blood? Thursday we go to vet for removal of stitches on his head. The ones in his ear are self dissolving.(6 vertical inches inside ear) My hand is doing a little better. I’m able to use it. No pain, but pinky is bent. Lance
  6. It finally happened. I've been going to dog parks for 10 plus yrs. Less these days, but occasionaly went to a few. Yesterday, Bandit was almost killed and I thought I broke my hand.(Crushed tendon) One of the worst days ever! We were at Peta dog park around 11 am. Only 2 other people were there, guy with kerin terrier, And woman with 2 mixed large dogs. Both looked like possible pit mixes.The woman had the black male dog for a good while, then recently rescued brown female dog. Because it was a hot day, Bandit was spending most of the time near me and the 2 other owners under a shaded tree, under chair. After chatting for about 45 minutes with other owners, All of a sudden, the woman's brown female dog was on top of Bandit trying to kill him. Bandit was screaming , unable to do anything, while the dog kept bitting holes in Bandit's head and ear. The woman had no success trying pulling her dog off, while I was trying to get Bandit out from under the dog. My only option was to punch the dog on the side to get it to release Bandit. Which it did, but still came after Bandit while I was pulling Bandi away. The woman finally got control over her dog. When I checked Bandit, to my amazement, I could not find any blood at first. later his left inner ear was full of blood. I was at the vets office 30 minutes later to have his ear treated. I was shocked when the vet began shaving Bandit's head, and found 5 puncture wounds. Vet sent me to emergency Vet Hospital. Bandit was there till 12 midnite. I thought about posting pic of Bandit, but felt not everyone would care to see what the dog did to him. Lance Lance
  7. I found this article particularly interesting since my niece was born at this naval Hospital! I knew Border Collies have been used on golf courses to chase away geese: The Virginian-Pilot © June 5, 2009 Portsmouth Naval Medical Center seems to have found the cure for a plague of geese who were leaving droppings all over the hospital grounds: border collies. In April, the hospital hired handler Richard Ludwig and dogs Pride, Katie and Josie to chase away the geese, according to a news release. As many as 100 geese would roost on the hospital's helicopter pad, and several dozen more roamed the grounds. Goose droppings can spread diseases such as salmonella and giardia. http://hamptonroads.com/2009/06/collies-he...-medical-center Lance
  8. This post brings back Memories. Before I adopted Bandit from shelter, I had an 11 yr old Greatdane who was dying of heart failure. I used a sheet as a sling when taking her to potty in yard. Also used a door as a ramp for garage stairs. I would even carry her. 132lbs. Broke my heart when she passed. Lance
  9. I've had a mixed German shepard, 2 pure bred German shepards, and my last dog was a fawn colored greatdane. I love both breeds. When I was at the beach several months back, I saw the most interesting lokking dog! It was a mixed dane/shepard. The body was fawn colored dane, with a darker German Shepard head. It looked like someone transplanted the head on the body! Lance
  10. There was a recent post about this book on this forum, but couldn't find it. I'm picking it up from library in an hour. I'm really looking forward in reading it. It's a novel by a first time writer(computer software designer), about a deaf boy and his dog. Here's a video clip of the author on the Today show. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/26437726#26437726 Lance
  11. Very sorry for your loss. I had hoped to meet Ben one day. Border collies always make me feel good. What a fantastic breed! Lance
  12. I found out Bandit is having a problem with flees. lately I have been using a flee comb on him. I also bathed him in oatmeat shampoo to relieve his ithing. When I told salesclerk I found a flee on Bandit's face, she ran a flee comb through his fur. To my shock, many flees were on comb. I've never had any problem when frontline plus for the last 10 yrs. Now I'm thinking about changing to advantage. When I did an internet search on frontline not working, I read many dog and cat owners having problem with frontline not working any more on their pets. http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/f...0174910664.html below is an example from a border collie owner: Interestingly, I took my rescue female Border Collie to the Vet for intestinal tract infection... and during conversation, he stated that various states have reported occasional complete resistance by flea populations to Frontline. Builders have begun to use Fipronil as a general pest control as part of soil treatment before building! Probable cause of resistance. Finally, I've begun to hear about what i've seen with my borders, causing me to switch successfully to Advantage. So far, I've been treating 2-3 times per year, and no fleas have stayed around.
  13. I replied calmly, "Well yes it may seem strange, but there is an ancient scottish strain of herdng beagles called a fleagle." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or you could have said your dog was a Regal non legal hearding Beagle! yuk yuk
  14. Just now I found a flea on Bandits's face and killed it! It's only the 2nd flea I've acually ever seen on him in the 2 plus yrs he has been with me. He has always been on frontline plus. I'm guessing the fleas are from other dogs he has been in contact with, or grass, and dies when they bite him? He has been scratching rather regularly for the past 2 wks. At first I thought the scratching was from either Canidae changing their formula, or outdoor alergies...rag weed, mold from dying leaves. Besides treating your dog, do any of you have to treat indoors or yard for fleas? Is fall a bad time for fleas? Is it possible the frontline has stopped being effective for killing his fleas? Last question.... Could it be his skin has become more sensitive to flea bites? I really feel bad seeing him him scratching. I'm just trying to find a solution! Lance
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