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  1. Maja

    Something tells me you're not six years old :)

  2. Just recently saw this post! My Bandit's Body is white with some minor ticking. Both ears are black with some white strands. 2 black eye patches. one large. one narrow. People usually comment how great his markings are. Lance deanbandit.bmp
  3. I took Bandit,my Border Collie to Beach today(Chesapeake Bay). We were walking with a friend, Rita, who had a Greyhound, Zulu. We came across a young woman(early twenties) with 2 dogs. Golden Retriever, she said she recently rescued, and Black dog, (7yrs old named Midnite), who looked like Golden Retriever, only black. I heard young woman yell," Don't throw it; It's a Kong frisbee, It won't float, but will sink!" It was too late, my friend had already tossed it into the water, for the dog to retrieve. My friend felt awful, said she would buy her another frisbee. The young woman, who had
  4. I have not posted in awhile. I'm concerned about Bandit's eyes. He is rubing his left eye, which is red, and having discharge/gunk. right eye also has discharge, but not as much. I'm thinking it may be alergy related. (change in season?) Or it might be sand or Chesapeake Bay related. Last week we camped out at first Landing State Park for 4 days. Went to beach and swimming daily. Couple days earlier some parts of beach was closed down for swimming due to polution, Human waste, but reopened day later after more testing? I remeber in the past, I gave Bandit Benadryl for eye redness and
  5. the next to last picture looks like 2 sheep kissing. lol
  6. Bandit will play with any breed, including pits, but it makes me anxious. When he wants to play fight, usually it's with a lab.
  7. I put Bandit on Canidae 3-4 months back. because I read on this forum that it was good for alergies for one. I'm not even sure he had alergies. He used to get eye buggers/gunk. He no longer does. Also I don't think he scratches as much. I'm happy with Canidae chicken and rice. Before he was on Iams lamb and rice.
  8. I've never had surgery, but would guess Dixie won't feel much like posting today. If we hear anything most likely it will be from someone else. Wishing her a painfree and speedy recovery!
  9. I am thinking about getting a better digital camera now that prices have come down. The one I have is a Fuji. Only 1.3 mega pixels. The pic of Bandit on my profile was taken by a friend with an 8 pixel camera with a protruding zoom lens. He paid about $1,000 for his camera, which he uses for work. I would love to take more pics of Bandit, but am unhappy how they come out. Hard to see his pupils because of his black mask in many pics I take. Any sugestions on best brand and least amount of pixels necesary for good quality for the price would be appreciated. I've looked at walmart a
  10. One of Durante gags: When a beautiful woman noticed Durante looking at her, She said," Is that a Banana in your pocket? or are you just happy to see me?
  11. Sorry for waiting the day before in replying, but I will not be attending the picnic. I'm sure it's going to be alot of fun. I was looking forward in meeting everyone from N.C. Can't wait hearing about it on the forum.
  12. Will it be be mostly couples and families attending?
  13. I sometimes watch an outdoor Band with Bandit at Oceanfront. Do I need to be carefull how close to Band we are? Is it possible for his hearing to get damaged by the loud music?
  14. Lunar, Bandit barks when I'm leaving house. Some times he is barking when I'm returning home. I really don't know how much he barks in crate while I'm gone. But you question has given me a great idea. I think I will try taping him with 90 minute voice tape recorder next time he is in crate while i'm gone.
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