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peanut butter recall

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I was at Walmart today. I noticed that Peter Pan & Great Value peanut butter was pulled off their self. Since many of us feed our border collies peanut butter, you might want to check if lot # begins with 2111. When I got home I was amazed to see my Great Value peanut butter jar did.




Bandit has in the recent past had some loose bowls. I always give him peanut butter in his kong when I leave him in his crate while I'm out.



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FDA Warns Consumers


I usually buy organic but I bought a load of this cheap stuff to coat pine cones (which are then rolled in seeds) for the birds. I wonder about feeding it to them? The pine cones have been out for 5 days. :D


I guess I ought to call my horse vet. He's going to think I am a nut. "Hey, Sean? Can I give birds salmonella?" :rolleyes:

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Apparently Great Value is the Wal-mart-labeled Peter Pan - made at the same plant in GA.


I don't feed or eat it, cuz usually those big name brands are almost as much sugar as peanuts. Plus I read that peanuts hold more insecticides than most foods (except maybe strawberries) so it's really much better to get organic (or at least natural and cut out the sugar! the LAST thing my dogs need is sugar!)

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We're lucky I guess, we use skippy pb so we're safe. (for now) I do give Black Jack some pb in his kong when I have to leave for a while, but should I buy some pb that's organic? He doesn't get to much but I would hate to be giving him something bad.

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