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So we went to the dog park...

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And no other dogs were there! O.O That was disappointing. It's not a very big fenced enclosure - not an acre or two like the one by my parents' house (it's several acres of grass), but it's nice looking... some trees in there for shade, picnic tables (with signs saying "these are for the dogs, but you can use them too - but please don't bring food into the dog park"), a bunch of rope toys, kongs and balls laying around, mulch groundcover.


Honestly, I think Zoe enjoyed it more than Zeeke did! :eek: Color me shocked. Her tail quickly went up and she trotted around smelling things, following Zeeke around, chasing me around. She looked like she was just soooo pleased with herself.


Zeeke on the other hand had his head to the ground the entire time, sniffing and peeing on every tree and fence post. He tired himself out, and he didn't even run very much! I really thought when we let him off-leash he'd just run around like a crazy thing, but he didn't. Go figure. The good news is that after about 20 or 30 minutes he ran out of pee and new things to smell, and he actually started paying attention to hubby and I again. (When we got there he went into sensation overload mode, and acted as if we weren't even there... he wouldn't listen to us at ALL. He didn't even want to chase balls. He was so focussed on smelling things that when DH gently kicked a big ball over to him it bounced - lightly - off his head and foot and Zeeke just stepped around it and didn't even look up. Sheesh.) So after that DH and I did a few "laps" around the fenceline, hand in hand, and the dogs followed us. Yeah, even Zeeke. He just sauntered around with us, sniffing. Funny guy.


Leaving wasn't an issue at all. We walked over to the double-gated entrance, opened the first gate, both dogs followed us into the transition area, then stood there to get leashed up and led us over to the truck. Both jumped right in the truck.


I had to go out after getting home, didn't return for a few hours, but DH said they were both out cold the entire time, except a few random times when Zeeke would jump to his feet and go running out to the living room barking... then come back and fall back asleep.


So it was good. I'm glad Zoe got to check out the area without being overwhelmed. We're planning on making the dog park a weekly family outing, and I might take them during the week - my only worry is being able to control Zeeke when I'm by myself, and Zoe really needs him for the emotional support so I can't take just her.


I wish there had been even one other dog there, though. Zeeke would have LOVED to play with someone else.

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We just discovered the local Dog park, and Hoku is just having a blast there. The first time we went there were no dogs, but I do think it was good, as he got to check it all out. Just as I was getting ready to leave a woman and her dog came, so it was a great intro, and Hoku got to play after all. We went for our second time yesterday and he met and romped with two new friends. He is quite the play ambassador, even got the proclaimed 'grumpy king of the dog park' to playplayplay. The owner was amazed! So we will be regulars there. Enjoy the park!

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Well we went again today - just me and the dogs. They had to make a stop at the vet's (to get their bordatella, blech), so I wanted to make it up to them... a trip to the park was just what they needed. There were dogs there! :rolleyes: Just a few smallish dogs, who weren't all that active.


Zeeke ignored me again, and sniffed and peed on everything. Again. I think that's going to be his routine. I was SO PROUD of him! I always tell people how he can be a monster and is kind of obnoxious around people, but with DOGS he's a saint. A little shitzu type dog arrived after we'd been there for a while, and the owner informed us that the dog had been around some dogs before, but never big dogs. It was terrified of Zeeke, kept hiding under the table... and Zeeke, well, he wanted to sniff it, dangit! So he kind of chased it around the table. The little thing got really peeved and turned on him, growling and snapping. The owner nearly had a heart-attack, thought Zeeke was going to eat him right then and there. :D Zeeke stared at the little thing, stared a little more, then walked off. Three cheers for Zeeke!! Forever thankful he knows dog language. (Oreo doesn't. She was always the one b****ing out the other pushy dogs, LOL! That's why I always say, she would HATE Zeeke.)


And Zoe, well, she did really good as well! She's reserved when it comes to other dogs, but it's really not that bad. She did fine with the other dogs. She wouldn't go within 5 feet of another human though, and that was at a good moment - most of the time she followed Zeeke around and stayed far away from the people. I'm okay with that. She'll get better with time. This is just what she needs.


So yeah. :D I'm happy. Both of them were very good. Well, at the park they were. At the vet's was another story entirely. They both wrapped me up in the leashes, tried to yank my arm off, Zeeke had a spazzy fit where he had to potty RIGHT NOW, and when taken to get her shot Zoe "blew her anal glands". Well..... I guess that's better than pooping everywhere like last time? *SIGH* So you can see why I wanted to immediately put them in a good happy fun situation.


BTW, Zeeke rang up at around 86lbs (though he kept sitting half on and half off, then when I encouraged him to get up and move a bit he jumped up half on the ledge they had there and knocked over a photo frame which shattered. GAH.) and Zoe came out at 28.2 lbs. She's a dainty girl, for sure.

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That is great Natalie! It was a great intro to the park - getting to check it out in their own time without any unintentional stress added by other dogs. The first few times I took Dublin to the DP, no one was there and he got to check it out on his own terms. As Chuck-It crazy as he is, he couldn't have cared less about the tennis balls the first few times...too much to sniff! (and as you found out, that tires them out more anyway. )


I took Mick on Saturday for the first time, while Dublin was at the groomers. Poor Mick - since Dublin is on restricted activity, Mick has been too - just leash walks. I thought he would have fun at the park, but no one else was there and he isn't really in to fetch as I am learning - he is just into chasing dogs that are into playing fetch! :rolleyes: He just did the "patrol" thing and peed on every inch of the fence...

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Deb, you're lucky! This one just opened this year and it's a 25 minute drive away... and it's really our only option.


Kerry, yeah, I think (hope) Zeeke will get a little more interested in interacting after a while. I'd like to see him actually play with other dogs rather than just sniff around. And he's REALLY not into fetch, LOL. Indoors he'll fetch... outside he chases then sniffs. *rolls eyes*


BUT they were two tired doggies. :rolleyes:

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I am glad for Zoe that she's not afraid of the dog park and of other dogs she meets there. Being there without other dogs the first time was a plus, she had a chance to get familiarized with the surroundings so the second time you went today, she was probably thinking "Oh, this place? I know it! I can even show the other dogs arround, give the a tour or something!".


As much as he is a pain to you, Zeeke has a striking reseblance with Ouzo :rolleyes: Same crazy habits, especially the drama of getting him on the scale That's exactly what my dog would do. (Why did I say "would do", when it's obviously a case of "does"!). It's a guys' thing Being crazy and doing stupid things!


Sometimes I wish he was a girl

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