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O/T "Rogue vet debarks neighbor's puppy"

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Wow. That's a little crazy. Don't you think he'd recognize his neighbor's dog? o.O But what really makes me wonder is the debarking part. Why would he debark a stray dog???? Because whether or not the dog barks if it's a stray it's goign to a shelter and isn't going to bother you anymore. That's just aweful.

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Originally posted by Anda:

You know, he CHOSE to be a vet. And now he cannot stand dog barking? What's next, cats meowing? Birds chirping? :rolleyes:


A few weeks ago a women asked me advise to choose a puppy. She wanted a dog that: don't bark, don't chew up things, don't let hair on the furniture and could be left unatended with childs.


My answer was: Yes, you could find lots of dogs like that, stores are fulls of stuffed animal toys, otherwise, just don't have a dog.

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