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OT: Does anyone know how to write in Japanese??

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Here's the scenerio: DH wants to get our boys names tattooed in Japanese on his arm, but neither of us know how to write it out. He's always liked the look of Japanese writing, but does not know how to read the language.


I know there are a couple of people here that live in Japan right now, but I'm not sure if your fluent with the language or not. Hopefully one of you will know how to write this out. So could you gals help me out w/ this?? Pretty please!!

And as an added bonus to run by DH also, any other of the oriental languages would be fine to throw in here also to give him more choices to choose from on the design. Our son's names are Nolan and Peyton. Thanx in advance if you can help us w/ this. He wants this to be something special.

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One more thought: would the meanings of the names be easier to write in Japanese than trying to match the pronunciation? I don't think Japanese has an "L" equivalent, for example, but Nolan means "champion" or "proud one," acccording to this site that came up in a quick Google search, and maybe that would make more sense. (Or not.) This is something you've probably already thought about, so I totally promise not to butt in again LOL

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