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Aw!! I love watching stuff about BC's! I was flipping through the channels last night and saw the AKC best of breed and show last night. I've never paid attention much, but I have to say they had a Shih Tzu that was in the best of show (or whatever its called - I obviously dont watch AKC stuff) and it was ADORABLE. LONG LONG black and white hair. Looked like a long long haired tiny BC with a smushed in nose. LOL. :rolleyes::D


Im gonna check my PBS listings for NOVA too.

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Well, it started with an "N". Miss Marple follows here, but haven't seen ACGAS in ages. Nova, Nature---I thought it was nicely done.


BTW. thanks for the links, Luisa. I was kicking my butt that I didn't get to record it.

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I watched the reprise at 12:00 am here. I've seen this before but I missed almost the whole Raymond MacPherson interview. It was so very well done.


Am I alone in wishing we could get a whole tape done of some of these guys explaining their philosphy on dogs, training, etc?


It was weird. His left flank whistle is same as ours. Doug the Dog was going nuts.

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