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I sent in a multi pet registration form in early Jan and never received confirmation but, my check was cashed in Mid Jan I thought it was lost in the mail and I meant to call them.


Today I finally had the chance to get to them and the girl pulls my application and it was never inputted it has the 2 primary dogs listed and then says other dogs. My question was what if the other dogs were lost how would they be found? I was told they are running behind. 3 months behind I'd like to be that behind on stuff at work :D:rolleyes:


They are supposed to straightening it out but, what a shoddy business.

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I had the same issue with Avid when we moved out here from Calif, changing Rob's chip information. They never sent confirmation and charged for the change of address. Briar's is a Home Again. They didn't charge me a dime and updated it on the phone. Now that we just moved into our new home I have to go through the process with Avid again. I am tempted to see if Home Again will register Rob's chip number in their system.


Our friend through rescue lost her dog, she finally got him back, but the people that found him called the avid number and avid told them to take the dog to the shelter they had no information. Luckily the dog also had a regular info tag and the called her at home.


Avid is TERRIBLE!!

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Guest amylobdell24

I didn't know they were so far behind with entering client info....I work at a vet clinic and will definitely make sure to let clients know there is a delay in the system. Since I end up giving the schpiel every day for our AVID users, here's what I know about the system: AVID keeps track of which chip numbers are sold to which clinic. There is a piece of paper in every box of chips we receive that has the chip numbers listed on one side, and spaces for us (the vet clinic) to fill in all the client info. This paper stays with us for our records. If you were to never register your pet with AVID, the chip would still be traceable - it would be scanned, AVID would be called, AVID would look up in their records to see who (which vet clinic) the chip was sold to, then would give out the appropriate vet clinic info - it would then be up to the vet clinic to look up in their records (that little piece of paper that comes with the box of chips) that precise chip owner's info. Registering your pet's chip directly with AVID skips this middle-man process, but as you pointed out, there is obviously a wait for this info to make it to their system. Also, if you decide not to register your pet's chip with AVID (called FriendChip, I believe) and you change address or phone number and fail to notify your vet clinic, all the client info will not be accurate. And to make matters more complicated, many vet clinics don't know it's their responsiblity to keep track of all that client/chip info and throw the handy little piece of paper with the chip numbers on it away when they receive the shipment - yikes!! Anyway, to sum up, make sure your clinic is keeping track of the chip numbers/client info, and can easily locate your info just by that chip number. And be sure to keep your current address/phone number up to date at your clinic...Whew!! Takes longer to explain the whole thing than to put the chip in! I wish AVID made an info sheet to give clients that explained this better - hmmm maybe I should work on that. Anyway, hope this helps!! Amy

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I didnt get my chips at the vet they were from the humane society who I dont believe took any record of my info.


I do think Dal's number is on file with his vet chart but, that wont help much either if he's lost without tag info.


I wouldn't recommend this company they also charged me the full 40 family even though I already paid 1 month before for a single dog membership for Jewel. Jewel better not go against my 8 lifetime dogs.

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