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Wendy V

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I don't know all the results, but I can tell you that Carla King and Florence tied for first in the first trial (double lift). They decided to resolve that on outwork (probably because of the miserable weather and time factors), and Carla won it (I think). In the second trial, Tommy and Sly and Sam and Tucker tied for first, with Tommy winning the run off.



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That damned Wilson!


I can add some more for Sunday, I think Amanda was 3rd, Julie Poudrier was 4th, Renne was in there with Rae, Robin was in there with Jet 6th I think? I was tenth with Buff...think that is all I can remember...Many hats off to Renne for placing in the double lift on Fri/Sat! Denise too!

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What I remember......


1st Run (dbl lift)

1)Kelly Bradly

2)Florence Wilson - Cap

3)Amanda Milliken


5)?Denise Wall - Mick



8)Renee Billadeau - Starr


10)Nancy Obernier - Ben



2nd Run

1)Tommy Wilson - Sly

2)Sam Furman - Tucker

3)Amanda Milliken






9)Renee Billadeau - Rae

10)Sam Furman - Buff



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I'll say this, though it has nothing to do with placings: Having the opportunity to do a double lift (especially on that field) was awesome! I wish more trials were able to do something like that. It was great fun.


Oh and Mark is right, it was Kelly Bradley that tied with Florence and won it, not Carla King.



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Okay, guys, here's the real deal (more or less):


FIRST TRIAL (double lift) -- 64 dogs


1. Kelly Bradley Jess 119

2. Florence Wilson Cap 119 (tie broken on outwork)

3. Amanda Milliken Ethel 117

4. Shay McMullen Lad 111

5. Denise Wall Mick 110

6. Barbara Ray Queen 109

7. Tom Lacy Peg 107

8. Renee Billadeau Starr 106

9. Linda Tesdahl Jaffe 105

10. Nancy Obernier Ben 103


SECOND TRIAL -- 60 dogs


1. Tom Wilson Sly 94

2. Sam Furman Tucker 94 (tie broken by runoff)

3. Amanda Milliken Ethel 92

4. Julie Poudrier Twist 92

5. Bruce Fogt Kate 89

?. Robin French Jet 88

?. Barbara Ray Britt 88

?. Carla King Maid 88

9. Renee Billadeau Rae 85

10. Sam Furman Buff 85 (tie broken on outwork)


I'm pretty sure Denise and Zeke were 11th.

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