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  1. Its hard to believe Ethel is gone - but certainly in the physical world only! Her spicy character will live on forever in the sheepdog world, getting stronger and sassier with each told story. She is legend for sure. I hope someone will share the particulars of the service. Cheers to you Ethel - you give em heck up there! Sue Duff, Glen, Katy, Brook n Jed
  2. A big congrats to Mark Billadeau and Jody for their awesome performance this past weekend at the Lexington SDT in Virginia. A 95, way to go! I had to run right behind them with her sister, talk about some footsteps to follow! How cool is that. Good job sis. xxoo Sue Duff, Glen, Katy, Brook and Jed PS - if you get a chance to get down to this trial, go for it - it was wonderful. Gorgeous field, great trial and fun sheep - not to mention the famous southern hospitality. Thanks again to Cheryl Branibar and Dave Clark and all the folks who helped them put it on - it is not to be missed, mark your calendar for next year. Especially if you like perfect autumn weather and fall foliage.
  3. Mark that's too funny! Those pics are all adorable. Wish we could see JP's.
  4. Hi Gang- Wondering what you can do to contribute to the 2007 National Sheepdog Finals effort? For any of you that live within driving distance of Gettysburg PA...read on, we need your help! We're looking to get a gang of people together on Saturday, June 30th to do some up close and personal info distribution to the merchants of Gettysburg. Kind of a "warm handshake" and "we're looking forward to being here and bringing you business" type thing. We'll have posters to hand out for them to hang up. And an opportunity for them to become sponsors if they so choose. It isn't a difficult task; if you love the breed and want to promote the working border collie, its a great opportunity to do that and see the town of Gettysburg at the same time. Bring a friend, and have a great time! If you are interested, please contact me at s_asten@yahoo.com by NEXT MONDAY, JUNE 11th so I can make arrangements for the number of materials to get at the PA State Championship Trial. Thanks for your support, we'll have a wonderful time! PS...you never know what "sheepy" contacts you might make that don't live too far away....
  5. Hey Julie, thanks for the info, keep it comin when you can. Brook says 'you go girl!' to her minnie me....go Larky Malarky... Are you going down to Sperryville or Dr. Ben's?
  6. Yay Julie! That's for keeping us posted. We've all been dying to hear some news. Thanks, and if you get a chance, send some more....good luck, there's still more runs left! Sue Duff, Glen, Katy, and Butter Brookle
  7. Hey gang! Have fun at the state fair tomorrow...can't go this year, boo hoo. I'll see you all at Montpelier though, rain or no rain. I hope this isn't the last year for the fair, I always have such fun there. Have a great time!
  8. You bet - that's exactly it - thanks Tony!
  9. Hi all! Trying to find the elusive wristband that you wear and can put the flat marking harness crayons in to mark your sheep after worming or whatever. A commercial farmer friend has one but can't remember where he got it from. It's not the one they show on the Enasco website. Thanks in advance!
  10. Go Jody Ody Ody! Mark too! Mark, we all decided to chip in and get you an extra plane ticket home for the big hat you'll be wearing on the way back.
  11. Woops, bad spelling, sorry! Dyslexic is more like it.
  12. Hi all - there are 2 GP available in South Central PA - don't know many details except that they are about 1 year old and littermates. If you have any interest contact Pat Derk at pkderk566@msn.com Thanks!
  13. Zac Zac he's our man, he can do it, he's no flash in the pan! sorry that's the best I can do at 5:45 in the morning.... Go Robin and Zac! Fall's a comin...see you girls soon.... yehaa
  14. Right there with ya sister...I'll have em lined up and ready to go!
  15. I rent a small field (10 acres) about 40 minutes North of Gettysburg (32 miles.) I'll be happy to try and get permission from the owner to allow us to use it.
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