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Announcing the VBCA Fun Day Trial at Keepstone Farm in Berryville VA. Please copy the info below to use as your entry form.




At Keepstone Farm

412 Russell Rd, Berryville, VA

July 23 and 24, 2005


SANCTIONED BY: United States Border Collie Handlers Association

Virginia Border Collie Association

Farm and Sheep rental donated by Keepstone Farm/Susan Rhoades.

Participants will be asked to help out with various tasks ? clerking, set out, posting scores etc.

Handlers dinner will be provided on Saturday evening.

NOV/NOV, PRO/NOV, RANCH: $5/run - OPEN: $7/run

2 dogs per class/handler limit. Additional dogs may be accepted day of trial.

All entries must be postmarked on or after June 20, 2005.

Accepting entries until filled. Entries close July 14, 2005. No refunds after this date.

Send entries and make checks payable to:

Deb Pelletier

829 Castlerock Lane

Berryville, VA 22611



Campers welcome; no hook-ups.

Directions: From east of Berryville - Rte 7 west, past the Clarke County Fairgrounds on left (Berryville), then through 2 lights. Make the next right, which is Russell Rd/Rte 660. Go 3/10 mile to driveway on the right- #412. Follow signs.

From west of Berryville - I81/Winchester Rte 7 exit, Rte7 east for approx. 6 miles. Make a left onto Russell Rd/Rte 660. Go 3/10 mile to driveway on right - #412. Follow signs.


July 23 & 24, 2005 ? Saturday and Sunday, 2 one day trials

Owner/Handler Dog Class Sat Sun Total $

______________________________________ _______

______________________________________ _______ ______________________________________ _______

______________________________________ _______ ______________________________________ _______


TOTAL ENCLOSED: $_________________________


I understand that I am responsible for any cost incurred as a result of damages caused by me or my family or my dogs to facilities, animals or persons, and that in the event of personal injury or damage to my property or animals, I will not hold Keepstone Farm, its owners, employees, workers, trial organizers or sponsors responsible and furthermore, I agree to follow the farm rules.





Phone Number:_____________________________

I can help with:



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Hi Julie - I can answer that - YES! - I don't know why it didn't show up in the recent VBCA newsletter. We will be doing it on Saturday the 23rd only - still waiting on Becky at Optigen to give us a clinic ID Number so you can register onlne for the discounted price.

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You're in Wales? That's where Fly's from!


Rhydd Mawr, Penisarwaen, Caernarfon, Gwynedd


That's what it says in her studbook entry anyway.


I'm in VA now and plan to come to the VBCA fun day. That, and the Hop Bottom trial, are going to be my last hurrahs here.

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Hi Christine,

David and I went to Richard Millichap's this afternoon. What an astounding place! Thousands of acres and hundreds of sheep, all on very steep hillsides (mountainsides). Richard took some of his dogs out and worked them for me. It was beautiful. I sure wish I had a camera like yours to do his dogs justice!


We'll be visiting Mrs. Carpenter tomorrow morning. Unfortunately there were no trials I could attend this weekend. Because of a glitch in the train schedule, I will be driving from David's up to Glasgow, leaving sometime tomorrow after our visit with Mrs. Carpenter (yes, I brought my books along for her to sign for me) and just taking my time on back roads. I'm hoping he can give me some ideas/intros to other farms I might visit along the way! And since I'm departing this hotel in Cardiff early, I hope I can find a B&B in which to spend tomorrow night. I definitely have to come back here when I can do it real justice (though having the trip paid for by my employer is pretty darn nice!).


And I seem to be making my way around pretty well (only lost once or twice, but believe me, one little side trip was a doozy, lasting hours-- I was supposed to be at the client's site in Hereford at 8 a.m. and got there just before 1 p.m.--let's just say the round-abouts and road signs that are placed too close to where you need to turn really kicked my butt yesterday!) and little damage to the car so far--ha!ha!. (Hey, it's really hard to judge how close you are to the traffic that's parked in the travel lanes when you're sitting all the way on the *other* side of the car, which is why I clipped that delivery truck when making a left turn in some small village.... Thank goodness my employer covers the auto insurance too, though I did manage to snap the mirror back into its holder, so maybe the rental car company won't notice that little scrape on the back side.)


And since it's very late here, I suppose I should sign off and get to bed. I need to get up early just in case it takes me an hour to get out of Cardiff (did I mention lack of signage, which almost guarantees wrong turns?) like it did this afternoon.



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Hey Sue,

I've taken as many pictures as I could. Picture taking is problematic because most of the roads have no shoulders (heck, a lot of them are not really wide enough for two cars to pass--get on one of those going the wrong way and you can be stuck for miles with no way to turn around). So I've pulled over where I could and blocked roads where there was sufficient room not to be creamed by someone coming around a blind curve (um, that would be most of Wales--tiny roads and blind curves, that is).


Just to make you more jealous, it turns out there was a trial at a place called Ruardean. David and I took Mrs. Carpenter because she wanted to go. The trip to the trial field is a story in itself (to be told some other time). We went through part of the Forest of Dean, where sheep are allowed to graze since it's public land, so as you drive through you have to be very watchful of sheep along the roadside or in the road. Anyway, at the trial I met Colin Gordon, Calvin (whose last name escapes me at the moment--he won the Welsh national last year) and his father, Frances Raley's son, who was there on holiday with his family, and a bunch of others whose names I can't remember.


The scenery is amazing--sheep everywhere. Every pasture and mountainside dotted with them--some so high up the hillsides that they looked like little white rocks.


I did manage to go into a couple of pubs, had great lamb stew at one. Today I was planning to go to Glasgow via the western coast of Scotland (here's where you can feel sorry for me), but there was an accident on M74 and we were stopped for nearly 3 hours. Then we all had to turn around on the highway and backtrack to a spot that allowed emergency access to a side road and get re-routed around. It was nearly 11 p.m. before I got here tonight. I'm hoping tomorrow's client visit will end a bit early so I can at least see something in Glasgow, or maybe even a bit of the coast since it stays light till after 10....


I wish room service would hurry up and get here.



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Oh! Yes, I have seen and read his articles. They are very enjoyable. I did see where he had moved back to Wales.


Have a wonderful trip and keep us all posted (and envious)!

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Originally posted by Sue & Ed:

Deb and Laurie: There wouldn't happen to be a BAER testing the day of the trial, would there?

We thought about it, but I think it's probably too late to set it up for July. We are thinking if there isn't one in VA (Like at Lacy's or Sam's) early this Fall, we would try to schedule one with Dr. Chu for one of the other trials at Keepstone in the Fall. I doubt Dr Chu would want to come all this way multiple times, but I'm sure there are plenty of dogs to test in VA.
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I told both Mrs. C and David hello for you. You really must make plans to go visit Pastors Hill (even Mrs. C says so). (And I'll farm sit for you if you want, or better yet, I'll go with you!) David speaks very highly of you, and he was quite a nice host. I took some photos for you at Pastors Hill (of course they won't be nearly as good as what you take, but at least you'll have them). Mrs. C has some very lovely scrapbooks. I wish I had more time to look through them--she even has drawings and locks of hair from her dogs.


Her place is a lovely old house that sits up on a hill (well, duh, it is Pastors *Hill*). The stone has been stuccoed in the front, but the stone is still visible at the back. The window sills are all a couple of feet wide and the stone steps leading from the kitchen to the living room are quite worn with age. She served tea that she heated over an old coal-fired stove (you know the kind of antique enameled stove). It's just a lovely place, but it needs some repair. At 84, though, I don't think Mrs. Carpenter can do that.... Same with the barn and other outbuildings. Oh and she has the cutest little grey shetland pony, now 17 years old.


Today I made it to the Glasgow Cathedral, which has a most amazing cemetery, and then drove out to the coast and made a little loop back around to Glasgow. The coast is pretty, but it's tough to sightsee and drive at the same time. I did get some pictures, but the battery was dying, so not many.


Again saw lots of sheep, but also a lot of cattle and horses. Even passed what appeared to be a local horse show on my way back to the city.


But it's all over now. I fly out tomorrow a.m. In fact I need to get up in about 5 hours so probably should be thinking about heading to bed, though it sounds like the person in the next room is rearranging all the furntiture (at midnight, no less).



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Originally posted by juliepoudrier:


You really must make plans to go visit Pastors Hill (even Mrs. C says so).

I have wanted to go there for years and will make a special effort to see her soon. And it's no coincidence... now you know where I got the name for my photography business from (with Mrs. Carpenter's permission of course). She is a classy woman and you are lucky to have had the opportunity to meet her!
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