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garlic? lawn foliage?


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I posted this in the general discussion but didn't get many responses. Hope someone here might have some insight. Short of tearing up the entire yard and replanting with grass, I'm not sure what to do.



My bc and her best friend, a large mutt, have both gotten ill this week. I think it's likely they ate something in the yard. (I bought a house whose previous owners had been avid gardeners.)


They've done some digging & I wonder if it could be garlic. Is garlic _that_ toxic for dogs that it could give make them vomit & give them diarrhea? They both seem to be over it, but I'd like to fix the problem.


Other possibilities--ragweed, ferns, ivy, cat poop, racoon poop, corn on the cob (that the squirrels dragged into the yard--)

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I do give my dogs garlic occasionally - but a clove or two, I would guess, is considerably different than many heads, which they may have dug up. Onions, in quantity, are supposed to be bad for dogs - so maybe garlic in quantity is as well? (same plant family)


Sounds like you have many options to choose from! Hopefully they got all they wanted of the bad stuff, and it is a one-time event. If previous owners were avid gardeners....were they organic gardeners?!? There could be all sort of nasties around - but hopefully your winter will dilute most of them.


Best of luck!

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It could be something they ate. Lots of possibilities there. Some varieties of ivy are poisonous to dogs. Not sure about ragweed or ferns. And they can pick up stuff (bacteria, worms, giardia, etc.) from other animals' stool. I seem to remember reading that racoon droppings were bad but can't remember why.


Or it could be a bug they picked up. That happens too.


Not sure about what is a toxic level of garlic for dogs or if there is such a thing. Maybe you could Google "garlic toxic dogs" and see what info you find.

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Garlic can be ery, very harmful to dogs, but if they ate a bunch of it, you'd more than likely notice it on their breaths.


Corn cobs can cause a blockage. Somewhere I've got a list of poisonous plants, I'll see if I can't dig it up (no pun intended) in the next day or so.


I'd suspect more likely some sort of poop eating related problem. Clean up the yard as well as you can. My 3 dogs all got roundworms the summer we moved into our current home. Since they'd never had worms before, I'm pretty sure they got them from the yard. We did a lot of cleaning up that year.


Ruth n the BC3

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