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Dogs not eating


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Hello everyone

Its been a long while since I have posted. Been real busy. DO read and keep up with the going on though.

I have a problem,for the last 2 plus months getting my Bc's to eat has been a chore. Our house was up for sale and i am sure all the packing and then of course the actual move has knocked them off the routine.But i cant seem to get them to eat much at all.

I had been feeding them in the mornings after i had them out and played and exercised them for a short bit. It has been our normal routine for atleast 2 years. I am using the same dog food etc.. and now they might nibble a couple of bits but then leave it there most of the day for flys to gather.I was assuming them adjusting to the new house and yard etc.. was the problem but we have been here for 5 weeks now. Their day schedule really hasnt changed all that much. I still take them for a short play in the morning etc.. Granted the yard is smaller and they prob. arent getting as much exercise as they need.

Here in Texas the temps have been in the 90s for months and i wondered if they would do better to eat later in the day instead. Its real strange too if they have gone a couple of days with out eating well bang one morning they will eat the bowl clean. Then it will be days again with me and the boys hand feeding them kibble to get them to eat. Or treating it with something special to get them to eat it.

I am so frustrated and so tired of tripping over the bowls full of food that they will not touch. Never mind the concern that they are not eating.

They both play well and are normal otherwise.


Any helpful insight or suggestions would be awsome. I am ready to load them up to the vets and see what he thinks.

Thanks so much for any help

Oh Max is 7 years old and Reno is 2


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Hmm, I am in Florida and it's too hot here to get mine the work they are used to. I have one that will go "days" w/o eating much especially if he isn't worked. I know mine are not big eaters and even less so when it's hot. So, they have 10 minutes to eat or I pick it up and move on.



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The vet visit is a good idea, just in case, but I'd bet a milkbone that it's too hot for them to want to eat much at all, especially if they're eating 1x/2-3 days. 2 of my 3 will definitely go off their feed if it's over 90 or so. As long as they're getting water and have normal energy levels, peeing and pooping ok, it's probably just the heat + settling in.


Check with your vet, and s/he says they're ok, put their food down for 20 minutes, then it gets picked up - so you don't trip over it and the flies don't get it - and it doesn't go back down till the next mealtime. Of course, they've got access to plenty of fresh water at all times.


And, you might try feeding at a cooler time of day, and/or feeding smaller but 2x.


Hope this helps,


Ruth n the BC3

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