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  1. Hello everyone Its been a long while since I have posted. Been real busy. DO read and keep up with the going on though. I have a problem,for the last 2 plus months getting my Bc's to eat has been a chore. Our house was up for sale and i am sure all the packing and then of course the actual move has knocked them off the routine.But i cant seem to get them to eat much at all. I had been feeding them in the mornings after i had them out and played and exercised them for a short bit. It has been our normal routine for atleast 2 years. I am using the same dog food etc.. and now they might nibble a couple of bits but then leave it there most of the day for flys to gather.I was assuming them adjusting to the new house and yard etc.. was the problem but we have been here for 5 weeks now. Their day schedule really hasnt changed all that much. I still take them for a short play in the morning etc.. Granted the yard is smaller and they prob. arent getting as much exercise as they need. Here in Texas the temps have been in the 90s for months and i wondered if they would do better to eat later in the day instead. Its real strange too if they have gone a couple of days with out eating well bang one morning they will eat the bowl clean. Then it will be days again with me and the boys hand feeding them kibble to get them to eat. Or treating it with something special to get them to eat it. I am so frustrated and so tired of tripping over the bowls full of food that they will not touch. Never mind the concern that they are not eating. They both play well and are normal otherwise. Any helpful insight or suggestions would be awsome. I am ready to load them up to the vets and see what he thinks. Thanks so much for any help Oh Max is 7 years old and Reno is 2 Lenore
  2. Hello We are moving in a week or so. To a new house! Problem is this home does not have a doggie door. And it has stairs! We have 2 BC's one is 8 and the other is 2 years old. They have always had a doggie door and we never had to teach them to tell us to go out. We might have to replace a glass door to put in a doggie door. Just not sure yet. My main concern is getting the dogs adjusted to the new house and yard and the move in general.we will buy the house on monday and not move in till that weekend. I was planning on taking the dogs over once a day and letting them roam and check out the place. what else can i do to help them adjust. And the no doggie door issue!We have bets that the 2 year old will be afriad of the entire house and especially the stairs. He is the biggest scarycat.He is afriad of everything.I mean everything till he gets use to it. Any helpful hints or advice please! THanks
  3. One more question please. Is it common with thyroid troubles to have bladder control issues as well? We are still noticing and cleaning up when he is like leaking pee in the house.And will it get better as more of the medicine gets in his system??
  4. also forgot he has had 2 seziures in the last few months one was about 3 weeks ago.
  5. other symtpoms are... grumpy not eating like normal. not playing like normal.lack of energy.blood in urine. He just wasnt acting his normal self. He is very routine.. on when to play what to play when to be walked when to eat and when not to eat.. he was not hisself. He was not as alert has he should be. ... i am working on those links you sent as i write this. I have every faith in our vet. we have been with him for over 16 years. He also has a young new vet with him now and they confur with each other on everything with new and old things etc...
  6. Hello Let me try and answer your questions He had blood work done on tues. and i am assuming it was sent out to the lab. The vet was looking for diabetes and cushings and 2 other things. His urine count was real real low. and had blood in the urine. He is believing he has an infection from all the water drinking and peeing he has done. so he put him on amoxiclin and also on soloxine. Vet wants to see him next week .We also with held water for 12 hours and had the urine re tested. it came back better. thanks for the link Lenore
  7. Hello My max was just diagnoised with throid troubles. Started him on some assuming hormone pills. As well as an antiboitc for possible infection. I was wondering what info anyone has on throid and Bc? max is a 7 year old male. thanks Lenore
  8. Hello All I have 2 Bc's one is 7 years old the other is one year old. I have always had smaller dogs.. shih-tzus to be exact. and they live a very long life. My last one is 17 years old,blind. deaf. How long do healthy border collies live? Always heard that bigger dogs have a shorter life span? I figured with all the love and spoiling and good life they have at my house.( they have me well trained) ha ha. They should live a long healthy time. Also does anyone have info on possible sezuires in BC's Think my 7 year old might of had one the other day. thanks much
  9. Well My 5 year old Max is terrified of thunder. He shakes and pants and goes from one bed to another if it is night time. He does better durning the day but at night he doesnt take it well at all. He will hide and cuddle up next to anyone who will take him. Now our 6 month old Reno has sleep thru it all so far. But that could change as well. Usually the first few big storms of the season shake Max up and then he gets better about it. Like he forgets about thunder booms over winter LOL
  10. Update on my Reno.. He is gret today all day.. Was able to play no limp.Sleep wake up and no limp. so it could of been growing pains. still keeping an eye and keeping things low key just to make sure:)
  11. I am noticing that my Reno seems real stiff when he awakes from a nap. He limp seems to be more when he first gets up and moving.. once he is moving he seems fine. What could this be. Been trying to keep him down. But its hard when the kids are out back playing he is right there chasing them.I am thinking a visit to the vet is in order. But if he is fine once he gets moving how will the vet see what is going on with him? Lenore
  12. Hi We have a 6 month Bc who is also limping.. not all the time etc.. like yours. Our breeder said that he is growing so fast right now that the ligaments cant keep up especially with all of his jumping running and twisting during play. So we attempting to keep him on low play and rest. and it is improving slowly. I am watching him closly to make sure it doesnt get worse.
  13. Lenore


    Hello I am sorry that you have to go thru this difficult descion.. I too have had to put 2 dogs down in the last year.. actually 9 months apart. It is never easy to do.. When the dogs quality of life is gone its time.. you will know in your heart when the time is right. I Prayed that the Lord would take them naturally.. unfortunatly that didnt happen. When you are spoon feeding them to eat its time. When they cant see and hear and cant get out and enjoy life its time. I can not tell you that it will be easy to do. We lost one at 18 years old and one at 16 years old. They were shih-tzus and lived a very spoiled good life and brought us great joy. I still have one shih-tzu alive and she is now 17 and blind as well. But she enjoys her dinner and her treats and loves to go out and sit in the sun and check out the smells around the yard. She is still presisant to sleep on the bed with me etc.. her Quality is still good. We also have 2 BC now one is 5 years and one is 5 months. We pray that they too will live long and healthy lives. Like our others. Like i said you will know when its time.. I suggest that you dont ignore it and allow them to suffer more because you cant make up your mind. it will only make it harder on you. Good luck Lenore
  14. Kudos! for working with chip! Made my day too! As far as going to the bathroom bymyself that is a intresting thought. My 5 year old Bc has always followed me into the bathroom. and sleeps on the floor waiting patiently for me to finsh up so we can go play or walk etc.. Now our pup also follows and waits. Course i always thought that Bc's naturally followed you around? If i am in the kitchen... i have a dog... in the living room... yep a dog asleep at my feet:) go out side definatly have a dog and a ball ready to play or a leash to go walk:) So isnt this partly just part of being a dog who loves his owners? and wants to be close to their favorite ball thrower??
  15. HI I dont know if this will help or not.there is a Border collie rescue for north dallas area. I have lost the link.. but i found it in the Pet finder. when you do a search. IM postive they would be willing to take your BC in. I also believe they are located in Denton area. Please do a search the rescue folks would be your best solution! And thankyou for being responsible enough to realize it wasnt working good job!
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