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Dan 15 January 2009 - 24 March 2023

Sue R

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What can I say about Dan? He was such a difficult dog for me to understand that I really never did him justice until his old age, when he slowed down, mellowed, and became very dear to me in ways that I'd never imagined when I struggled to connect to him because we seemed often to be on different wavelengths. And now that he's gone, I realize just how great a gift he was, and I know he passed on feeling loved and cared for. 

He was brave - brave enough to face down a line-up of half-a-dozen mother cows. He was foolhardy, finding it hard to learn certain lessons that would protect his body. He had strong instincts. He loved his creature comforts, like a cat in dog's clothing. He was always ready for the next exciting moment in life, and content to sleep like an old hound dog until that moment came along. He was independent and yet always wanting to be "right", just wanting to be right "his way". He was a paradox for me. 

I still see his eyes on me when he was too tired to get up, and feel his soft fur, and treasure how deep our connection grew as he grew old and slow. 

That'll do, Dan! Well done, good boy! 

(Some of you might remember Dan's and my journeys to SoCal to train with his breeder, Anna Adams Guthrie. This photo was taken there by Danielle Shank.)



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I've loved reading about your journey with Dan since the beginning, with Megan and Celt along the way.  I'll never get over how extraordinary it is to work together with another couple of species to accomplish a very difficult task, and the bonds created from that are transcendentant.  Thanks for sharing Dan's wonderful long life with us, and I know you will treasure your multitude of memories.  Hugs! <3


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D'Elle - Whenever Dan was at his most trying (of my patience or skills), we'd say, "But at least he's handsome!" Funny how a dog that I struggled with so much for so long, became so dear to me in his later years. 

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